How Does Content Marketing Fit Into the Financial
Services Industry?

Content marketing for financial services is a powerful tool to build trust and establish strong relationships with both existing and potential clients. This involves creating and distributing valuable digital resources, such as blogs, videos, and e-books that provide pertinent information about wealth management, retirement savings, investments, and more. This content is specifically designed to inform, educate, and inspire, thereby fostering a positive perception of the brand and promoting customer loyalty.

However, the rapidly changing landscape of the financial services industry, marked by unique challenges like stringent regulations and evolving customer access points, necessitates a customer-centric, omnichannel content marketing strategy. This strategy ensures the content aligns with the customer’s values, aspirations, and needs, thereby moving away from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to a more personalized engagement.

To that end, QPP NextGen helps you reduce the significant cost of personalized content marketing by centralizing compliant, customer-facing content modules that marketers can rapidly assemble and disseminate to the right audiences and devices.

And by leveraging embedded content intelligence, which provides real-time performance and consumption data, content marketers can immediately revise or replace content that fails to resonate with specific audiences.

Benefits of Content Marketing for Financial Institutions

Quark has been at the forefront of innovation in sophisticated enterprise technology to support content efforts for more than 40 years. That means we have deep insight into the benefits of content marketing for financial services, which include:

Deliver Consistent, Compliant Messaging: By controlling compliance and messaging approval at the component level, QPP NextGen ensures that marketing teams are pulling from the same source of truth to share a safe, consistent vision across all audiences, channels, and devices.

Build Brand Equity At Scale: Establishing your firm as a de facto source of trusted expertise requires relentless effort. QPP NextGen reduces drag on your team, improves time to market, and facilitates content marketing at scale by automating many time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks.

Optimize With Intelligence: With Quark Docurated, marketers can continuously measure content performance in real-time and build smarter strategies centered around data-driven insights – not guesswork or intuition.

How Can Quark Transform Your Approach to Content Marketing for Financial Services?

Our powerful solutions for content automation, content intelligence, and closed-loop content lifecycle management help financial institutions:

  • Moduralize content into structured content components, so you can quickly reuse approved and compliant messaging to deliver fund marketing summaries, investment reports, and other critical information across multiple channels.

  • Regulate content so that it complies with internal best practices and policies as well as the financial service industry’s external regulatory requirements.

  • Centralize content in a single source-of-truth repository to eliminate the risk of publishing non-compliant or outdated content.

  • Collaborate on content through predefined, automated, and AI-augmented workflows to maximize productivity and stakeholder input, track version history, and turbocharge your time to market.

  • Preview content across a variety of digital and offline channels from inside authoring tools like Microsoft Word.

  • Publish content everywhere you need, when you need it with our one-to-many workflow, utilizing the benefits of modular content creation to publish omnichannel content faster than your competitors.

  • Find content that you need quickly and easily by leveraging our Google-like search engine and AI. Use metadata to tag, aggregate, and find assets across various collections, categories, and topics.

  • Optimize content based on detailed engagement metrics and customizable reporting dashboards, then use AI-powered content recommendations to share messaging that will resonate with your target audience.

Get Started with Financial Services Content Marketing from Quark

Looking for a better way to expand your brand and truly connect with customers, prospects, and partners? Quark’s innovative solutions make content marketing for financial services simpler, smarter, and faster.

  • Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen provides end-to-end lifecycle support, content modularization, and AI-powered automations that help organizations of all sizes market more effectively, from content creation and collaboration to assembly and omnichannel publication.

  • Quark Docurated offers a dynamic SaaS solution for content aggregation, storage, sharing and intelligence, so you can effectively analyze, curate, and optimize content marketing experiences for a diverse array of audiences and channels.

To learn more about Quark’s ability to support content marketing for financial institutions, schedule your free trial today!