How Does Content Management Fit in the
Financial Services Industry?

Content management plays a pivotal role in the financial services industry, particularly in areas like compliance and risk management. Given the constant expansion of the types and volume of content that financial institutions must manage and safeguard, having a centralized organization and control system becomes vital. This centralization facilitates highly structured and automated workflows for maximum efficiency while also allowing institutions to safely maintain a single source of truth.

Furthermore, the complexity of today’s financial landscape demands an omnichannel reach to engage consumers where they are with the latest, richest content. QPP NextGen facilitates this by providing an interconnected platform that ensures uniformity across various customer touchpoints. By offering a seamless experience, financial institutions can build trust, enhance client relationships, and adapt to ever-changing regulatory environments. In an industry where precision, compliance, speed, and efficiency are key, content management for financial services stands as a critical component for success and growth.

How Quark Publishing Platform Works

Benefits of Content Management in Financial Services

Good content management makes complex processes simpler, so you can publish faster and do more with less thanks to clever content reuse. By removing friction points and reducing complexity for end users, financial institutions can unlock a host of benefits, including:

ROI-boosting efficiencies: QPP NextGen can dramatically improve your content ROI by giving employees instant, centralized access to approved content components while enhancing and streamlining content authoring, review, and approval processes through the use of structured componentized authoring.

Airtight compliance: We give compliance and security teams the robust tools they need to manage document access, enforce document retention policies, and facilitate audits all the way down to the content component level, so they can protect client’s sensitive information and reduce your regulatory exposure.

Enhanced customer experience: QPP NextGen doesn’t just help you reach your customers at the right time and in all the right channels. Backed by a more effective classification and structuring of your content components, our AI-powered content intelligence tools can help you deliver personalized, relevant content to maximize impact and engagement.

We Deliver Powerful Capabilities To Enhance Your Approach to Content Management for Financial Services

When your financial organization needs to manage, protect, and leverage its content with a high level of quality and care, QPP NextGen delivers with a bevy of dynamic capabilities for content management, including:

  • Modularized and structured XML content components, which allow your team to quickly utilize approved content components to author new omnichannel content, including fund marketing summaries, asset management reports, investment reports, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and compliance documentation. When a core content component needs to be updated, that update can be simultaneously applied across thousands of data sources and documents.

  • Unified storage and management of content within a single source-of-truth. Our component content management system (CCMS) houses every single document, image, graph, code snippet, or any other form of content in one place – with seamless Microsoft Office 365 integration – to facilitate easy access, automated workflows, and speedy publication.

  • A Google-like search engine that leverages metadata and AI-backed recommendations to tag, aggregate, and find the most relevant assets across a variety of topics, categories, and collections.

  • Robust security controls and permissions-based access, which help your team stay compliant while ensuring that only the right people can access sensitive client information. Detailed version histories and change-tracking also help your team stay prepared for any necessary auditing activities.

  • Easy integration with your preferred authoring tool. Use our low-code/no-code plugin for Microsoft Word or work from our browser-based tool at your convenience.

Get Started With Financial Services Content Management From Quark

As a financial institution, your collective knowledge base (and the resulting content output) is one of your most critical assets and, if managed correctly, provides a major opportunity for competitive differentiation, improved compliance processes, and more authentic connections with your audience. However, far too many organizations are still stuck in past decades when it comes to effective content management in financial services.

We’re changing that paradigm with Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen, our end-to-end, closed-loop solution for content management, automation, publication, and intelligence. See for yourself how we make complex content processes simple – request your free demo today to learn more.