Use Quark for All Types of Guidelines Content

Quark’s software for guidelines content improves the speed and reduces the complexity of your guidelines documentation lifecycle, from content creation through structured authoring and document templates, to reviews and approvals, and publishing.

Authoring and Publishing Guidelines Content

Quark helps you create and publish guidelines documents efficiently and consistently in many ways such as:

  • Structured content: You can use a web browser app or Microsoft Word plugin for structured content authoring of your guidelines documents. The content is automatically tagged in the background with XML metadata so it can be easily stored, searched and re-used across multiple documents.

  • Document templates: Create templates for your guidelines documents that include all the necessary sections and formatting ready to assemble your content components, saving time and ensuring that all documents follow a consistent design.

  • Collaboration: Allow collaboration among content writers and subject-matter experts working on guidelines document content. Multiple people can contribute in a highly-orchestrated process, where changes are tracked, reviewed and approved with a complete audit trail.

  • Omnichannel publishing: Preview your guidelines content and publish in multiple formats and channels, such as PDF, HTML, or as part of a knowledge base or other system for the best customer experience.

Overall, Quark reduces the complexity to help you create, publish and maintain guidelines documents more efficiently and consistently, with greater content reuse and fewer errors.

Technical Documentation

Guidelines Document Content in Action

How This Australian Regulations Agency Publish Complex Policy and Legal Content at Scale with Structured Authoring and Publishing Platform

 The centralized component content management system (CCMS) platform manages the lifecycle of their high-volume, complex legal content with omnichannel publishing of long-form documents made up of hundreds or thousands of pages. 

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