The Benefits of Content Design

Let’s face it: There’s no slowing down your audiences’ voracious appetites for content. In fact, 70% of respondents in the CMI’s 2021 report predicted content creation would be their company’s top area for marketing investment this year.

As designers, agencies and enterprises work to stay ahead of this demand, the benefits and value of excellent content design have become clear. But it’s not just B2B and B2C needs that are driving this demand for content design. From prospects and investors to employees and your surrounding community, all of your audiences can benefit from better content workflows. The right content design software will help you:

Streamline Collaboration


Good content design should help subject-matter experts, key stakeholders, copywriters and designers seamlessly collaborate from ideation to publication.

Unlock Creativity


Your content design tools should aid your creative vision – not impede it. Spend less time wrestling with inadequate tools and more time bringing your dreams to life.

Enable Smarter Distribution

Enable Smarter

Whether you’re publishing for print or digital, including native iOS or Android apps, your content design software should help you share, track and monetize your content effectively.

70% of respondents predict content
creation will be their company’s top area
for marketing investment in 2021

– CMI’s 2021 report on content marketing trends

Content Design

Why Quark for Content Design?

Quark established the graphic design and desktop publishing software market, and we’ve been iterating and improving our products ever since. With QuarkXPress, we offer a powerful, integrated content design tool.

Our strong focus on ease-of-use and efficiency means it’s easier than ever to control layers, work directly with PDF and SVG files, and seamlessly convert files from competing products like Adobe InDesign.

Looking for more collaborative content design workflows? We’ve got you covered there too. QuarkXPress CopyDesk allows all stakeholders, SMEs and content creators to tackle a deliverable without stepping on toes. Once a layout is established, writers and editors can adjust photos and text without breaking the layout.

Ultimately, your content is only as good as its reach and accessibility. We also help you extend your content to every screen with Quark App Publishing Studio . From web publications to native iOS and Android apps, this tool lets you convert your print layouts into digital formats and distribute, monetize and track that digital content with integrated, in-depth analytics.

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