Key Benefits of Quark’s Web Browser Structured Authoring Tool

Our browser-based structured authoring tool gives your subject-matter experts a dynamic authoring experience that helps foster their best work. Benefits of this approach include:

Authoring Structured Content Challenges of Authoring

24% of documentation must be updated monthly, while 23% must be updated weekly, straining resources responsible for creating, maintaining, and delivering content.

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Features of Quark’s Browser-Based Tool for Structured Authoring

QPP NextGen’s web browser authoring tool features a bevy of powerful features to help automate the creation, organization, management, publication, and reuse of structured, modularized content. They include:

  • Modularized content: Author structured, dynamic content components that contain auto-generated XML, such as sections, paragraphs, lists, tables, charts, and images, for easy assembly and omnichannel output.

  • Guided authoring experience: Format different content components with a unique-yet-consistent property structure, so authors always populate them correctly (e.g., a procedure section could include a title, description, steps, and substeps).

  • Metadata and taxonomy: Tag content with read-only or editable metadata at the section, paragraph and character level to add critical context and meaning, safeguarding security and compliance and making it easy to locate important content assets.

  • Compliance validation: Create customized content validation rules to ensure that terminology complies with regulatory guidelines or that required sections or topics are included (e.g., legal disclosures).

  • Real-time, omnichannel previews: See how content will look across numerous channels, with a comprehensive preview as well as previews at the page, section, and subsection level, reducing review-and-approval cycles and optimizing the author experience.

Simplify Complexity with Key Office 365 Capabilities
  • Tables, charts, graphs and lists: Generate tables, charts, and graphs from Excel or other data form, including preconfigured table templates. Ordered, unordered, and nested lists are also supported.

  • Images, video & interactive elements: Enhance your content by adding video, audio, slideshows, animations and more.

  • Component tracking: Know which components are being used, what content uses each component, and understand content engagement from inside the authoring tool.

  • Component pinning: Pin certain content components to prevent them from dynamically updating across every document that uses them (e.g., fund performance on a specific date).

  • Hyperlinking and cross-referencing: Easily create hyperlinks to other documents and resources, or cross-reference other sections of the same document.

  • Content review and comparison: Collect and review all feedback to determine which changes to keep or reject, and compare versions of the same document in a simple “track changes” view that clearly shows who made what changes and where.

  • Version control: Keep track of all changes made by editors and easily revert to old versions of content at any time.

Simplify Complexity with Key Office 365 Capabilities

Optimize Collaboration with Web Browser and Microsoft Word Authoring Options

QPP NextGen offers the freedom to work, collaborate, and switch between Web browser and Microsoft Word authoring tools to maximize workflow productivity, offer choice of device, and make the co-authoring experience seamless.

Get Started with Quark’s Web Browser Structured Authoring Tool

Quark Author, our browser-based structured authoring tool that lives within the unified Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen ecosystem, helps enterprises automate all stages of content lifecycle management, including content creation, collaboration, assembly, publishing, and analysis. If you’re ready to see how QPP NextGen can help simplify your content management, regardless of complexity, compliance, and scale, request your demo today!

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