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It’s time to automate the end to end process of creating smart Datasheets.


Solution Features

Automate the Production of Print and Digital Datasheets

By starting with structured content at the beginning of the process, the Smart Datasheets Solution enables manufacturers to fully automate datasheet production into a variety of formats and media types including PDFs, HTML, XML, mobile apps and HTML5 Web apps — all from the same content.

Deep Integration with Microsoft Word

Authors waste up to 50% of their time on low-value work such as formatting, recreating information that already exists, and updating information in multiple places. Using Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word, subject matter experts, such as product managers, create reusable, media-independent components of information through a guided authoring experience directly in the software they already know. These information components feed directly into Quark Publishing Platform, which automatically combines them into richly designed datasheets for a variety of media.

Build Master Datasheet Templates for Product Variants

The production of datasheets for product variants can be an enormous cost to any large manufacturer. A typical product family has content that is shared across products (e.g. description, features, logos) and content that is specific to each product (e.g. capacity, size, flow rate, horsepower). By creating a master datasheet template with variable placeholders, datasheets for every product variant can be created with the click of a button, saving manual production time and translation costs.

Create Datasheet Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

With mobile devices outselling desktop computers, customers need access to information in the proper format for the device they’re using. While PDFs are ideal for print, customers using mobile devices expect engaging, interactive content that takes full advantage of the device capabilities. With the Smart Datasheets Solution, you can create datasheet templates that include video, slideshows and other interactive features. These digital datasheets are then delivered to smartphones and tablets in your own branded app.

Exclusive Web Apps Work in Any Modern Browser

Get your datasheets online! Web apps deliver the same interactive experience customers have come to expect on their mobile devices, directly inside any modern computer Web browser. By using HTML5 as the content format, you can leverage the same app content created for native tablet and smartphone apps and deploy it directly into a Web app without any additional design or production.

Add Links to Data Sources

As datasheets typically contain a combination of narrative and data, the Smart Datasheets Solution can connect to data feeds, Microsoft Excel worksheets, and databases including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and others. This integration enables you to place specific variable data within narrative text and also automatically build tables and charts.

Dynamic Charting and Tables

Technical data and charts within datasheets can be critical to helping a customer choose the most appropriate product. However, getting this data from various data sources into a designed datasheet typically involves copy and paste, rekeying and manual chart design. The Smart Datasheets Solution supports the automated layout of tables and charts, saving time and increasing technical accuracy. On tablet devices users can manipulate interactive charts to see how a product will function in their specific environment.

On-Demand Datasheet Design Previews

On-demand rich previews enable subject matter experts to see how the product information will look in the final design and layout without involving a graphic designer. With the ability to choose from a variety of templates, authors can see the content in different media such as an app or a PDF. Everyone involved in the review and approval process for datasheets can also access the same rich previews through a Web browser.

Centralized Storage, Management, Review and Approval

Improve cross-departmental collaboration and easily share reusable content components, graphics, logos, videos, and photos across datasheets as well as other marketing collateral. With the Smart Datasheet Solutions, templates can be stored and managed centrally, with fully configurable user access, version control, and review and approval workflows. For broader content management and workflow capabilities, you can also integrate with third-party systems such as Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Content Foundation.

Professional Design Capabilities

Create datasheet design templates using all the rich functionality of award-winning professional page layout software. Take advantage of the WYSIWYG design tools, precision typography, advanced color management and interactive features for adding slideshows, video, and more to enhance your digital datasheets. Now you have all the benefits of professionally designed datasheets without the time and cost of producing them manually.

Support for Datasheet Localization

Reusable content components, stored in XML, bring substantial opportunities for savings in translation time and cost. Quark Smart Datasheets Solution can integrate with existing translation services. Avoid translating the same content multiple times, by creating master templates for each language and product family. You only have to layout the datasheet template once for each product family and each product variant datasheet is produced automatically in every available language.

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