Why Is Content Reuse Necessary?

While there are many benefits of content reuse, it is absolutely necessary for any organization pursuing digital transformation at scale. Without a solid content reuse strategy, you will burn time, money, and effort on redundant content creation, poor asset findability, and inconsistent deliverables. Any attempts to globalize your content are likely to be error-prone, siloed, and difficult to translate. You will also face severe difficulties when trying to organize, store, and audit content, especially if you produce large volumes of content or operate in highly regulated, compliant, or complex industries. Examples include:

Consider the example of a financial services firm that provides quarterly reports for investors. Every report begins with a structured introduction, but the messaging needs to be updated with timely and relevant information each quarter – and then translated into multiple languages to meet the diverse needs of a global investor base.

Manually updating and localizing this section at scale would be a veritable nightmare. On the other hand, content reuse allows you to create this structured intro section once, automatically apply the section updates to all relevant reports, and then localize the updated content based on your specific market segments and parameters.

What Are the Benefits of Content Reuse?

Content reuse can help organizations address a wide variety of pain points related to content creation, automation, management, and omnichannel publishing. With the right content reuse strategies and tools in place, your organization can enjoy:

What Types of Content Can Benefit From Content Reuse?

Generally, any content assets with multiple use cases, needs, or cross-department applications – especially in industries with stringent regulations or compliance requirements – are prime candidates for content reuse. Examples include:

Product Data Sheets

Product instructions, user manuals, onboarding guides, documentation, and warnings

Codes and Standards

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other organizational processes and procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Content related to regulatory, legal, and compliance requirements

Financial and Investment Documents

Training guides and employee handbooks

Training Manuals

Marketing and sales collateral

Legal Forms

Reports and other customer-facing deliverables

Which Enterprise Roles and Personnel Can Benefit the Most From Content Reuse?

Content reuse can reduce complexity and streamline efforts for a wide swath of roles and functions within your enterprise. Whether you’re a content writer, subject-matter expert, product owner, line of business manager, or compliance officer – to name just a few – practically any role can experience some benefits of content reuse.

Below, you can meet some of the representative personas who are best served by content reuse and learn how QPP NextGen helps address their unique challenges.

Get Started With Quark’s Content Reuse Software

Content reuse is a proven strategy to drive more consistent, accurate, and cost-effective content strategies. But implementing a comprehensive content reuse strategy will always be an uphill climb without the right tools and framework.

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen is our end-to-end, closed-loop CCMS that provides a centralized location to create, organize, store, audit, and collaborate on structured content components. If you’re tired of burning your content budget and resources on redundant or duplicate work that simply isn’t meeting your board-level objectives, it’s time to get serious about content reuse. Request your demo of QPP NextGen today to learn more!

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