Connect Quarky AI Copilot to Your Own AI Service and LLMs

By adopting a platform & ecosystem content technology strategy, organizations can centralize and streamline content technologies and workflows and connect to AI services and LLMs, strengthening their ability to develop customer-centric solutions and new revenue streams. Request your demo of QPP NextGen today to see how our single-vendor, low-code content platform can make your content operations faster, more accurate and more profitable.

Why Is The Platform & Ecosystem Approach Necessary?

A 2023 Forrester report indicated that 43% of business and technology professionals at future-fit organizations described using open, scalable and adaptive platforms as a critical priority over the next 12 months, compared to just 19% of their peers at traditional organizations. For dynamic, forward-thinking enterprises, the reasons for this trend toward a platform-based content technology strategy become crystal clear when measured against the alternatives.

The heyday of in-house solutions has largely passed as enterprises realized these projects are overly reliant on specific personnel and custom technologies, and they frequently devolve into resource-intensive, load-bearing distractions from the organization’s primary business objectives. But enterprises who turn to hybrid vendor solutions are often frustrated by the lack of a single source of truth, increased workflow complexity and the need to manage multiple vendors, who each bear a significant level of responsibility and accountability for the overarching system.

However, as low-code platforms expanded beyond their original scope of building applications with minimal coding expertise, incorporating security, governance, scalability and collaboration features, they became an appealing alternative to these earlier, suboptimal approaches. QPP NextGen supports digitization at scale by helping enterprises convert manual business tools into flexible software applications through custom development on our platform.

The platform itself is the key to unlocking value, and this powerful engine makes everything around it operate like clockwork, providing APIs, developer portals and configuration tools to allow organizations to build a global ecosystem and customize the solution to meet their nuanced needs.

What Are the Benefits of the Platform & Ecosystem Approach?

The platform & ecosystem approach to enterprise content technology is the only future-fit strategy that is able to truly support digitization at any scale and the opportunities presented by AI. The widespread and impactful benefits of adopting this approach include:

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With more than 40 years of experience developing enterprise content solutions, we know how important it is to define and execute a global content technology strategy that maximizes futureproofing. To that end, we believe strongly in the platform and ecosystem approach and have put all of our investment and innovation where our mouth is with Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen.

QPP NextGen offers the most extensible, scalable technology solution for today’s enterprises to digitally transform, achieve content maturity and drive a greater return on investment on a global scale. Request your demo today to see how we can prepare your enterprise content operations for what’s next.

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