How Quark Publishing Platform Works

Quark’s content modules use verified, reusable components to ensure that no one has to review or change individual documents every time a component is edited. Updated components only need to be reviewed, approved and verified once across your organization to securely update all the documents they are contained in.

Quark is one of the only content collaboration platforms leveraging a closed-loop content lifecycle management engine where the creation, management, collaboration/reviewing, assembling, publishing and analyzing of content is housed within a singular platform. Continuous improvement closes the loop with insight into how to reconfigure your content and create more opportunities for competitive differentiation.

The right content collaboration tools can help your enterprise earn better communication and decision-making while streamlining content workflows.  


Increase Your Team’s Creative Productivity with Content Collaboration Tools

Creating enterprise content is a team activity that requires a shared vision and a clear goal across many different stakeholders, departments and channels. To support this effort, your content collaboration software must provide on-demand access to accurate and up-to-date resources that allow each team member to do their best work – at any time and from any place or device.

While this is often easier said than done – especially considering the hybrid nature of modern work – the results can be astounding. The best content collaboration platforms will help drive down your overall content costs by introducing benefits that include:  

Experience Real-Time Content Collaboration with Quark

At Quark, we’ve expanded design-led collaboration workflows within media and publishing to help larger enterprises gain efficiency and reduce review-and-approval cycles.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen, our end-to-end content automation platform. QPP NextGen supports collaborative content activities ranging from structured co-authoring and metadata-driven template design to omnichannel publishing that gives you complete creative control over your internal processes. Effective content collaboration lets you avoid complacency and gain the best possible content ROI — especially for specialized assets that must adhere to regulatory requirements such as investment reports or pharmaceutical labels.

Unified content creation with QPP NextGen provides large, global enterprises with the content collaboration tools to ensure that the right content hits the right place at the right time to support their unique industry and regulatory requirements. 

We don’t consider content collaboration to be rocket science. We just think it makes a whole lot of sense to give your team the tools they need to organize assets in a central location, find and share resources easily, and streamline the feedback and approval process. If that also makes sense to you, then request a demo of QPP NextGen today .  

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