Mastering the Art of Web Publishing
with QuarkXPress.

Delight your readers with a high-quality web publishing content clubbed with interactive visual elements, such as image galleries, videos, and animations. Design and publish digital version of your documents in minutes for all types of content; documents, magazines and catalogs or any content that is typically long-form.

Increase Engagement with Responsive, Interactive Web Content

Design Elements for Web Publication

From text to interactive elements like buttons, slideshows, animation, audio and video, bring your content to life with Flex Layouts. Now you have the tools and the support to create responsive webpages, mockups, wireframes, and UI design with the power, precision, and flexibility of QuarkXPress. Create beautiful layouts that work seamlessly on any browser or device.

True Responsiveness

The canvas with a dragger to give instant view of your design on devices with different screen sizes without sacrificing legibility. No need to preview it on multiple browsers, just drag the canvas according to the screen size and test responsiveness right within the QuarkXPress.

Ease of Design

Availability of in-built flex templates makes it easier and convenient to give a structure to your design. QuarkXPress also allows adding your own designed templates to the library for future use. With drag and drop capability, you can move the sections of the design as per the needs.

Rich Publication

Make use of QuarkXpress’s creative capabilities for generating remarkable designs. Set up dynamic page layouts to achieve your design and layout goals. Apply text uniformity with every facet of typography from QuarkXPress and with powerful image editing capabilities, turn your pictures into work of art.

Quality Output

You no longer need additional efforts to program or code while focusing on designing the website. Once the design is ready, QuarkXPress allows best quality of HTML output. In the end, all you need is a hosting service provider to host your newly-designed website.

How to Design and Publish Web Content with QuarkXPress?

Go Beyond the Ordinary. Let’s Create Something Extraordinary!

  • 1 Start by creating a new digital flex layout in QuarkXPress.

  • 2 Pool-in the content, photos, and videos. Understand how you want the website design to look like.Start designing the website by utilizing in-built flex layouts and adding sections into it.

  • 3 Personalize it with creative fonts, graphic work, and typography to come up with unique designs and themes. You can also make use of QuarkXPress stylesheets.

  • 4 Preview your creative work and tweak it where necessary. Check the responsiveness right within the canvas to target different devices.

  • 5 Go for a review and editing. Export it in the desired format. Seek inputs from your clients to ensure their satisfaction.

  • 6 Finalize the edits. Send it for digital publication. Find a hosting platform to host the website.

Learn to Use the Features of QuarkXPress

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