Design Engaging Mobile Apps with QuarkXPress.

Beautifully designed mobile publications and exporting them as Android and iOS apps is easier with the QuarkXPress. Remodel your print documents by publishing their digital version that can be viewed on mobile device. From multipage spreads to multiple pages layouts, everything is possible with the feature-rich QuarkXPress.

A Fully-Integrated Design Tool for Designing Mobile App Publications

Design Elements for Mobile App Publication Design

From text to interactive elements like buttons, slideshows, animation, audio and video, bring your content to life and view on all types of handheld devices like tablets and smartphones for a richer document viewing experiences. Create powerful apps with robust features to tackle the challenges and fulfil the needs unique to the industry.

Design Simply

Either start a fresh design or bring from print, everything you need to design mobile publications. It is simple with QuarkXPress. No hassles of coding and programming, so that you can simply focus on your design

App for All Devices

Your richly-designed mobile app has the flexibility to work on multiple devices and with multiple orientations. It doesn’t matter if it is a mobile or a tablet screen, your publications will adjust itself.

Interactive Publications

Thinking of your mobile app publication that also allows viewer’s interaction? Embed audio-visuals, flash graphics, hyperlinks, and more with QuarkXPress.

Publisher’s Delight

With the creative capabilities of QuarkXPress, publishers can easily turn a print version to a mobile app publication. No extra efforts needed because no separate versions required.

How to Design Mobile App Publicationswith QuarkXPress?

Go Beyond the Ordinary. Let’s Create Something Extraordinary!

  • 1 Start by creating a new digital document in QuarkXPress.

  • 2 You can also turn the print version into a mobile app publication.

  • 3 Design it with creative fonts, graphic work, and unique typography

  • 4 Add creative elements like audio & video, flash graphics, hyperlinks, and more.

  • 5 Export it as Android and iOS app.

Learn to Use the Features of QuarkXPress

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