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Design beautiful eBooks when you have the amazing capabilities of the QuarkXPress – a modern design and publishing tool. To craft an eBook like a bestseller, it demands a great level of imagination and the right set of tools to transform imagination into reality. Make your eBooks interactive with popups, buttons, audio-visuals, and pictures.

Design eBooks that Ensures Sales, Leads, and Customer Engagement

Design Elements for eBooks Design

eBooks are great marketing assets helping you educate and entice your existing and potential customers. However, you also want to ensure that your eBooks are easy to understand and visually appealing. It’s so simple to design eBooks with QuarkXPress with your choice of graphics, multimedia and illustrations to publish online or share offline.

Less Effort, Better Result

Taking the hard work out by helping publishers to cut down extra efforts and publish eBooks with QuarkXPress. It’s so easy to turn print documents for web.

Interact with eBooks

No more just the web version of books and magazines. Add popups, buttons, audio-visuals, and graphics that allow viewers to interact with your eBooks.

Viewing Made Easy

QuarkXPress allows exporting your eBooks in all the required formats to work on different devices, including Kindle, ePubs, Flipbooks and more.


Not all eBooks are needed to be designed like responsive publications. When there are specific orientation needs – portrait or landscape – design it with QuarkXPress.

How to Design eBooks with QuarkXPress?

Go Beyond the Ordinary. Let’s Create Something Extraordinary!

  • 1 Start by creating a new digital document in QuarkXPress.

  • 2 You can also turn the print version into a digital layout.

  • 3 Design it with creative fonts, graphic work, and unique typography

  • 4 Add creative elements like audio & video, flash graphics, hyperlinks, and more.

  • 5 Preview your e-book and tweak it where necessary.

  • 6 Export it in the desired format.

Learn to Use the Features of QuarkXPress

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