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Professionally-crafted brochures and catalogs reflect the reputation of your business. QuarkXPress allows designing brochures and catalogs that works as well as look fascinating. From single fold designs to double, multi-page, gate fold or parallel fold designs, there’s an array of possibilities to come up with high-quality designs and portray key offerings creatively.

Beautify Brands & Business Marketing Collaterals with QuarkXPress

Design Elements for Brochure & Catalog Design

From sales brochures to education brochures and food catalogs, the capabilities of QuarkXPress have got you covered. Adding copy, graphics and customizing according to your needs with creative effects and textures which yields a custom brochure every time you make it. Design from scratch with easy-to-use design tools to create extraordinary brochures.

Rich Designing

Design with the richness of QuarkXPress and artistically set up the page layout with a modern intuitive interface to achieve the desirable design and layout goals.

Unique Creativity

Generate high-performing designs and illustrations to create sophisticated work of art. Enhance images as aesthetic or dramatic to add visual appeal to your brochures and catalogs designs.

Export Possibilities

Output your designs as image, vector, or tiff. Add interactive elements and export as digital version of your brochures and catalogs to engage viewers. PDF/EPS for print and e-catalogs to view it online.

Text Uniformity

Control and adjust every facet of typography, including typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing (leading), and letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning).

How to Design Brochures and Catalogs with QuarkXPress?

Go Beyond the Ordinary. Let’s Create Something Extraordinary!

  • 1 Start by creating a print layout in QuarkXPress.

  • 2 Design it with text, images and graphics.

  • 3 Personalize it with creative fonts, and typography.

  • 4 Preview your creative work.

  • 5 Export the design as per the need.

Learn to Use the Features of QuarkXPress

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