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QuarkXPress allows experimenting with contemporary, modern, and post-modern illustration techniques to display the brilliance of creativity and turn text into captivating pieces of art. Magazines are portrayed in a fashionable way using stunning graphics, designs,texture, and typography in the finest blend. To craft it like a masterpiece, it demands a great level of imagination and the right set of tools to transform imagination into reality.

Create Beautiful Stories and Text Art with QuarkXPress.

Design Elements for Books and Magazine Design

A perfect mix of creativity, expertise, and highly-advanced design and publication solution generate the best of books and magazine designs. QuarkXPress is empowering creative minds with its unique capabilities to design and publish their work of art like a masterpiece. A few key elements from QuarkXPress when utilized in a design creates something spectacular.

Text Uniformity

Control and adjust every facet of typography, including typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing (leading), and letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning).

Unique Creativity

Generate high-performing designs and illustrations to create sophisticated works of art. Create curves with versatile shaping and drawing tools, add creative effects like contour, envelope, blend, mesh fill, and more to the graphics.

Realistic Pages

Artistically set up the page layout either symmetrically or asymmetrically with a modern intuitive interface to achieve the design and layout goals effortlessly. Dynamic guides, multiple page spreads, 9-point reference grid, and more.

Photo Enhancement

Enhance photos as aesthetic as dramatic to add visual appeal to your books and magazine design pages. With superior image editing capabilities, fix imperfections, and apply filters, thereby turning an image to a piece of art.

How to design books and Magazines with QuarkXPress?

Go Beyond the Ordinary. Let’s Create Something Extraordinary!

  • 1 Start by creating a new project in QuarkXPress.

  • 2 Pool-in the content, photos, and videos. Understand how you want the book or magazine to look like.

  • 3 Start designing your layout with creative fonts, graphic work, and typography to come up with unique designs and themes.

  • 4 Give an eye to detail. Preview your creative work and tweak it where necessary.

  • 5 Go for a review and editing. Seek inputs from your client to ensure their satisfaction.

  • 6 Finalize the edits. Export it in the desired format. Send it for print publication or digital publication.

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