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QuarkXPress Business is designed specifically to meet the Digital Publishing needs of all sizes of businesses, government, and educational institutions through a cost-effective way to buy and manage multiple licenses. Our flexible licensing options save money and in return, arm them with the advanced tools that enhance creativity and help businesses to compete in today’s competitive marketplace.













*The minimum order starts with a 1 year plan. Any additional user license will cost extra as per the above-mentioned price. Your purchase comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Visit Refund Policy to learn more.

*5GB storage space is provided. If the user exceeds the given 5GB storage or the additional storage space that was purchased, they will be auto-billed for the next 5GB storage space with the credit card details saved into the system for $150. The new storage space will be valid until the end of the subscription term.

QuarkXPress Business – Pricing and Features Comparison

Here’s a high-level competitive analysis of pricing and features in QuarkXPress Business and other software available in the market today:

  • QuarkXPress Business Subscription
  • $674
  • Adobe InDesign
  • $1,224
  • $1,620
  • Joomag
  • $1,788
  • Magloft
  • $3,600
  • Mag+
  • $5,388
  • Users
  • Publications
  • Downloads
  • 1
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 3
  • Web only
  • Web only
  • 3
  • Web only
  • Web only
  • 3
  • Unlimited
  • 1000
  • 3
  • Unlimited
  • 5000
  • 3
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
License Management
  • Web Admin Console
  • License Assignment
  • User Roles
  • Creation Tool
  • Print to Digital Convert
  • Multi Channel Design
  • Single Issue
  • Multi Issue
  • Multi Publications
  • Web App
  • Branded Apps
  • Social Sharing
  • Content Engagement
  • Traffic Insights
  • Geo Location Insights
  • Web Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Premium Telephone Support
  • Design Specialist
  • Guaranteed Feature Updates
Please Note:

The pricing and features of third-party software listed above were sought for comparison with QuarkXPress Business at the time of the creation of this webpage. At any instance from now, the pricing and list of features of these products may change and might not be updated here. However, it would be our continuous effort to keep it updated and provide valuable insights for potential QuarkXPress Business buyers.

Why QuarkXPress Business?

Both QuarkXPress and QuarkXPress Business offer innovative solutions to fulfill the design and publishing needs of a business; yet, there are a host of benefits, and features that come only with the QuarkXPress Business suite.
For businesses of a significant size, license management is critical for an efficient workplace, QuarkXPress Business offers Cloud based Admin console to manage license assignments to the users. Further, it provides a unique opportunity to distribute, track and monetize the digital publications with a unified cloud based interface.

  • License Type
  • QuarkXPress
  • Perpetual
  • QuarkXPress Business
  • Subscription
License Management
  • Manage licenses
  • Web-based Admin Portal
  • Manage Users
Content Distribution and Monetization
  • Branded Apps
  • Content Analytics
  • Digital Selling
Advanced Support
  • Premium Technical Support
  • Dedicated Design Specialist
  • Installation Assistance
  • 4 Feature Updates Yearly

How to Buy QuarkXPress Business?

No matter if you are a new user who wants to migrate from other design software or are a business looking for a comprehensive suite of digital publishing solutions, we have it all. QuarkXPress Business is a comprehensive suite designed specifically to meet the needs of all sizes of businesses through a cost-effective way to buy and manage need-based multiple licenses.

New Users

QuarkXPress Business is available as a subscription plan, which means you will be able to use full-featured QuarkXPress along with App Studio throughout the subscription term.


At Quark, we value our relationship with all of our customers. Businesses can renew their license subscription(s) for the desired term to continue using the full suite of QuarkXPress Business.

Your QuarkXPress Business Suite Comes With


QuarkXPress suite with multiple licenses on a subscription-based plan for medium to large organizations to support continuous flow of high-volume content creation.

Graphics & Illustrations
License Management

A cloud-based license management platform as Admin console to manage QuarkXPress licenses, add/remove users, and view subscription details. A user console to view active user details.

Photo Editing
App Studio

An add-on web application to distribute content, track engagement, and analyze content performance. Manage multi-issue publications for web and mobile users with free and paid subscriptions.

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