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No matter if it is a world-famous magazine, top newspaper, digital catalogs, and multi-spread brochures, the key aspect for any digital publishing business is designing highly creative publications without any limitations. How do they do it? — By utilizing the versatile capabilities of digital publishing solutions like QuarkXPress.

Your Publication. Your Style.

A perfect layout helps people to access and consume desired information quickly. Style your publications with required page layouts, colors, and design that enhances content’s readability, make it visually appealing and is easier to find. To design a page with a compelling layout, use a single spread layout for creating e-books, presentations, and newsletters. A double spread layout is apt for creating online magazines and long page layout is an ideal choice for newspapers. Learn more about Page Layout

Newspaper Design

Instill Best Creativity for the Best Designs

QuarkXPress is an ecosystem that empowers creative designers to produce picture-perfect, typography-rich, engaging content infused with highly creative graphics & illustrations. With the real-time preview, they can see how their content will look when it is published on different platforms and devices. Their creativity when immersed with the best digital experiences creates a never-ending relationship between the audience and the brand.
Get creative with Graphics & Illustrations and Photo Editing

Magazine Design

Make an Impression with Interactive Elements

Content will always play a pivotal role to distinguish your brand from others. Not just the design and visuals, to engrave a good impression there are a lot of interactive elements that entice readers and oblige them to interact with your content. Live video, live news, and embedded interactivities like slideshows, animation, picture zoom, and actionable buttons work in getting the most from your publications

Newspaper Design

Digital Publishing Made Easy with QuarkXPress

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QuarkXPress Business – To Design and Deliver Creative Experiences

QuarkXPress Business is a state-of-the-art Digital Publishing platform to help businesses Create, Publish, Distribute, Track, and Sell their digital publications. The objective is to empower content creators and creative teams to bring their visions to life, enabling them to publish across different channels, analyzing content performance, and generating revenue.

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