How It Works

Using QuarkCopyDesk with Quark Publishing Platform

To use QuarkCopyDesk, users launch the Quark Publishing Platform Client from their computers and select the file they want to write, edit, or review. They can check out and open files that are assigned to them through a Quark Publishing Platform workflow, or they can search or browse the Quark Publishing Platform for files.

When users open files, they see an exact representation of the QuarkXPress layout; however, they can only edit specific elements of the page as designated by the designer.

Users can write new material, edit existing copy, change headlines, insert notes, place photos, and manipulate images (including cropping, image rotation, and basic photo editing). They can add components (such as headlines, subheads, or graphics) to the QuarkCopyDesk article and fit copy with precision.

Users can save files and check them back into Quark Publishing Platform, which will route them automatically to the next person in the workflow.

Using QuarkCopyDesk as a Stand-alone Application with QuarkXPress

With a few simple clicks you can export your QuarkXPress layout specifically for QuarkCopyDesk, maintaining attributes such as style sheets, article geometry, and hyphenation and justification. Upon opening the file in QuarkCopyDesk, writers, reviewers, and editors will see an exact representation of the QuarkXPress layout; however, they will only be able to edit the areas of the page designated by the layout designer as editable.

They can write or edit the story, change the headline, place a photo, manipulate an image (apply cropping and rotation), and fit copy to the layout with unmatched precision. When they save the file, the designer simply performs an import in QuarkXPress and work done in QuarkCopyDesk is incorporated directly into the layout!