Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word

First released in 2002, Quark XML Author™ for Microsoft Word is the next generation of XML authoring tools. It is an add-in to Microsoft Word that lets anyone easily create XML in Word with no knowledge of XML and little or no training.

Government organizations and businesses alike have embraced easy XML authoring through Quark XML Author because they can quickly get their writers productive.

XML: A Better Way to Author Information

Authors waste between a third and a half of their time on low-value work. They spend too much time recreating information that already exists, updating information that’s been copied and pasted over and over again, “dressing up” documents so they look good, and converting and re-formatting information for different media types.

They need a better way to author information — one that shifts the emphasis of authoring information away from how it looks and towards the creation of reusable, media-independent components of information. The answer is XML authoring.

But XML can be a complex standard for authors to learn, and the use of specialized, proprietary tools makes learning even more difficult.

XML Authoring in Microsoft Word

Using Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word, anyone can easily create XML documents, with no knowledge of XML and little or no training. With Quark XML Author — an add-in to Microsoft Word — your authors can create information components that feed directly into Quark Publishing Platform, which can automatically combine these components, create high-quality print pages, and generate digital versions for the Web and other formats.

Because Quark XML Author works within Word, you can deploy it across the organization so you can reap the efficiencies and improvements of XML for all types of documents in all departments.