Content Automation Software to Modernize Content Ecosystems

Create, assemble and publish omnichannel
content from one super-intelligent platform

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen is content automation software for modular, metadata-driven and compliance-controlled omnichannel publishing. QPP automates every stage of content lifecycle management – creation, collaboration, assembly, publishing and analysis – so organizations can modernize their content ecosystems to support digital transformation, customer satisfaction, revenue generation and regulatory compliance. SaaS delivery also reduces complexity, infrastructure costs and time to value and you can deploy the software in a public or private cloud environment. Whatever your corporate and industry requirements and however you want to architect it – as an end-to-end publishing solution or integrated with existing IT and business systems – QPP powers your content, your way.

Modernize Content Ecosystems
How Quark Publishing Platform Works

How Quark Publishing
Platform Works

Plan, execute and refine your global content strategy
for continuous improvement using closed-loop
content lifecycle management.


Use Microsoft Word for Structured, Componentized Content Authoring

Structured authoring with QPP is the foundation for content automation because it’s structured, componentized and tagged with XML metadata so it can be searched, tracked, updated and reused from one single repository.

Quark XML Author, our unique plugin for Microsoft Word, transforms the omnichannel content creation process for subject-matter experts. It provides an intuitive user interface to develop structured XML in a familiar native environment but without the usual complexity or any DITA or XML expertise.

Quark Author, our web-based structured content authoring tool, provides an alternative option to Microsoft Word to help encourage multi-platform user adoption.

Experience the Difference with Quark Publishing Platform

Structured,Componentized Authoring

Use Quark Author, our web-based content authoring tool, or Quark XML Author, our Microsoft Word plug-in, to create content components. Authors also may work offline and can use their mobile devices.

Metadata & Taxonomy
Metadata &

Tag content with metadata, which adds critical context and meaning and makes locating important content assets easy.

Branded, Design-Rich Templates

Use QuarkXPress to create layouts for various content templates, conformed to your brand guidelines for styles, colors and themes. You also can import and edit PDFs from other sources, including native Adobe PDFs.


Leave comments and track changes as part of review-and-approval workflows, and see the collaboration history to understand the context of changes over time.

Version Control & Comparison
Version Control &

Revert to older versions of content and keep track of all changes made by all editors. Also compare versions in a simple “track changes” view that shows who made what changes and where.

Content Storage & Assembly
Content Storage
& Assembly

Store content components, including video, audio and other interactive elements, and assemble them automatically to meet different requirements for different content types.

Multi-Channel Previews

Preview content exactly as it will render when published to multiple channels.

Omnichannel Publishing

Publish content to print, PDF, HTML5, Web, XML, tablet and mobile apps, and other digital formats.

Benefits of Quark Publishing Platform

The Real Benefits of
Quark Publishing Platform

Transform not only how you manage your content lifecycle
but also your entire content ecosystem. Learn what content
automation benefits you can expect to realize by
implementing QPP.

What Industries Benefit Most from Quark Publishing Platform?

Financial Services & Insurance

Financial Services
& Insurance









Advertising, Media & Publishing

Advertising, Media
& Publishing



Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Create Content That Works

Automate your publishing operations, including authoring, template design, component storage, review/approval and omnichannel publishing with Quark Publishing Platform.  Whatever your corporate or industry requirements, QPP provides cost-effective development of content components and supports their management, assembly and publishing to meet different needs for engaging, format-specific design and interactivity across a variety of channels.