Explore the key capabilities of Quark Publishing Platform.

Structured Authoring

Structured authoring is the foundation for an automated publishing process.

Knowledge workers can author once, then use their content for output to print, Web, smartphone and digital devices. Structured authoring streamlines the publishing workflow while reducing errors and maintaining information consistency which makes for more accurate, timely and relevant customer communications.

Learn more about Structured Authoring from the perspective of:

Businesses / Enterprises

Choose Quark Author for Web-based content creation within a familiar word processor-like environment or Quark XML Author for structured content using Microsoft Word.

  • Provide business users with easy to use authoring tools
  • Integrate with multiple data sources and systems
  • Enables automation of manual processes to streamline publishing
  • Reduces translation costs

Content Creators

Choose between modern, Web-based content authoring or Microsoft Word.

  • Guided authoring experience
  • Preview the final output alongside the content
  • Easily reuse content components and media
  • Assembles information based on audience


Designers can use structured content components to create layouts specific to the delivery medium or the target audience.

  • Allows flexibility while maintaining control over the design and branding
  • Eliminates copy and pasting
  • Applies automated formatting