Key Benefits & Capabilities of Quark Docurated’s Salesforce App

Integrating Quark Docurated within Salesforce empowers you to:

Content Integration & Aggregation
Intelligent Search

Effortlessly find relevant, personalized content directly from the Salesforce search bar.

Google-Like Search Engine
Measure ROI

Track the impact of each content piece on sales revenue, giving you valuable insights and confidence in your content strategy.

AI-Powered Content Recommendations
AI-Powered Content Recommendations

Experience the superpower and agility of machine learning with content recommendations based on recency, relevance and popularity metrics.

Native Salesforce CRM Integration
Sales Rep Insights

Analyze content usage by salesperson to identify top performers and understand customer engagement.

Organized Collections
Real-Time Engagement Tracking

Monitor content effectiveness through views, downloads, ratings, and shares with email notifications for real-time insights.

You’re in Good Company

Shelly Griffin – 5/5

Quark Docurated saves sales teams time and energy. The key is the integration with Salesforce – streamlining the entire process.

Frank Donovan – 5/5

This app has single-handedly solved our biggest productivity hurdle. We wasted so much time searching for collateral to put together our sales and marketing presentations that finding this gem of an app has instantly resolved these issues in an instant. Thank you for building a tool that is now an indispensable part of our workflow.

Travis Davis – 5/5

We have a lot of different presentations and finding the slides you need is painful. With Quark Docurated we can gather not what we need but what the customer needs to drive revenue. The Salesforce integration is key for us and just adds to the value Quark Docurated provides.

“Sales enablement systems can help sales teams to reduce the time it takes to get content to market by up to 50%”

– 2023 State of Sales Enablement Report, Sales Enablement Society

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