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Quark Content Enablement


From authoring, to review and approval, our content automation tools streamline the management of your content. Authors can instantly preview how their content will look in its final published form—as a PDF, HTML, or even in a mobile app. Status-based workflow enables the efficient routing of content for review and approval. If a content component is updated, the updated content must be reviewed and approved only once. Quark’s content automation platform automatically tracks these changes and dynamically updates all related documents.

Work-in-Process Content Management

Large scale editorial processes are complex and involve operations like content modeling, authoring, editing, reviewing, approving, versioning, comparing, and controlling. Quark Content Enablement offers the most advanced Work-In-Process (WIP) content repository to support the entire process. With its advanced support for extensible content types, metadata models, workflows, version control, content collections, and relations between content components, this repository serves as the foundation for running your content process.

Key Benefits

  • Create your own content types and metadata models

  • Rich thumbnails and previews for all content types

  • Hierarchical Collections to organize your content production projects

  • Workflow supports Complete traceability of changes across the content lifecycle

  • Component Content Management features let you create and manage reusable content components

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Manage Users

Manage users with a fine-tuned level of authentication and role management. Using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), Quark solutions integrate with identity providers that securely authenticate and authorize system users. The solutions also offer single sign-on (SSO) through delegated identity providers.

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Workflow Management

Gain process agility by setting up content workflows with the intuitive visual workflow designer

Key Benefits

  • Simple yet sophisticated step-based workflow

  • Flexibility to define different workflows for different content types

  • Associate forms per workflow, per content type, with dynamic field validations

  • Control which class of users get to participate at each step

  • Dynamically control user permissions per work-step

  • Role based guided transitions from one work-step to another

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Workflow Management

Role Based Permissions

Secure your content by applying roles and privileges for individual users, teams and groups. Each piece of content and media asset has permissions associated with it. The permissions change as the items proceed through the workflow, ensuring that only authorized users can carry out permitted operations.

Key Benefits

  • Control workflows with role-based privileges

  • Ensure content security with user, role and group-based access control

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