Content Comparison

A powerful content comparison feature that provides the most efficient and accurate comparison and merge functions for managing documents.

Identifying and managing changes or edits in documents need not be time consuming or costly, even when they are essential for compliance, quality or product safety.

This feature is built into our authoring solution and it transforms the critical steps of your document life-cycle, by automating the most time-consuming and error-prone processes of identifying and merging differences between documents. This helps your teams become more efficient in managing different versions of documents across the organisation.

The compare and merge features take the collaborative authoring to the next level, thus boosting the productivity of your team.

Key Benefits

Compare and merge changes between different versions of same document or different documents.

  • View changes across versions even when Change Tracking is not turned on

  • View changes across copies of content

  • Merge changes across versions or copies of content

  • Simplify your compliance reviews

  • Generate a reliable audit trail

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