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Quark Author is a Web-based content creation software that, together with Quark Publishing Platform, enables business and IT leaders to streamline and automate high-value customer communications across every channel. The intuitive online authoring experience means subject matter experts – wherever they are – can rapidly create, preview, publish and reuse content. Lead your competitors, delight your customers. Quark Author – Smart Content for Smart Businesses.


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Quark Author

Quark Author is a Web-based content authoring tool designed for business users and subject matter experts to create Smart Content that can be easily reused across documents and media channels. Download this Info Sheet to learn more about the benefits and capabilities of this innovative product.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Smart Content

For decades technical writers and technical publishers have reaped the benefits of XML to lower the cost and effort associated with creating, managing and reusing content across multiple output formats. Now, with the introduction of Smart Content, business users and subject matter experts can easily adopt XML in order to keep up with consumer demand for high-value communication.

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