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Quark Author is a Web-based content creation software that, together with Quark Publishing Platform, enables business and IT leaders to streamline and automate high-value customer communications across every channel. The intuitive online authoring experience means subject matter experts – wherever they are – can rapidly create, preview, publish and reuse content. Lead your competitors, delight your customers. Quark Author – Smart Content for Smart Businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Quark Author be integrated with Component Content Management (CCM) software systems?

Quark Author Web Edition is tightly integrated with Quark Publishing Platform, which is the component content management system for all authored content. Quark Publishing Platform goes beyond other CCM software systems by also being able to manage all of the graphical, interactive and brand components and then dynamically combine content and graphics to assemble the output for all digital channels.

Does Quark Author Web Edition work on the Mac

Yes. You can use Quark Author Web Edition to create structured content on Mac OS X using any modern desktop Web browser.

Which schema and DTDs does Quark Author support?

Quark Author uses the Quark Smart Content Schema. This was created from combined decades of XML authoring and publishing experience within Quark and heavily informed by DITA and other schema. The benefit for customers is reduced time from project start to results. If you have specific schema or DTD requirements please feel free to contact one of our experts or take a look at the Quark XML Author product.

What’s the difference between Quark Author and Quark XML Author?

Quark XML Author is an advanced authoring plug-in for Microsoft Word that enables non-technical authors to create XML content using the familiar Word interface. Outside of one product working with Microsoft Word on the desktop and the other running in a Web browser, there are a number of differences between the products. Speak with one of our experts and based on your specific situation and requirements, they will be able to recommend the best choice for you.

Why not just use Office 365 or Google Docs?

Web-based authoring tools such as Office 365 (Word Online) and Google Docs are great for ad hoc collaboration on documents where there is no focus on content reuse or automating the publishing process of that content out to multiple delivery channels. Rather than being document focused, Quark Author Web Edition is focused on creating reusable content components. You have all the benefits of Web-based collaboration that other online authoring tools provide but online collaboration is just the start. Benefit from reusable content components, real-time previews of your content in different media channels and automated output (through Quark Publishing Platform) to mobile apps, PDF, HTML, print and more.

Is Quark Author customizable?

Being an HTML5, Web-based authoring tool makes Quark Author Web Edition extremely easy to customize. What’s more, the skillsets required for implementation and customization are widely available (CSS, XML, HTML).

What types of documents can I create using Quark Author?

Quark Author can be used for creating a wide variety of business documents. Some examples include policies and procedures, standard operating procedures, investment research reports, analyst reports, product datasheets, marketing campaign messaging and marketing collateral.

Do you offer professional services to help set up and implement Quark Author?

Yes. The first step in any deployment is to work with the client to understand their content authoring and publishing requirements and ensure that the system is configured to maximize your efficiency. Quark has a very experienced professional services team that that has been assisting clients in deploying end-to-end content authoring and publishing solutions for many years. Our services include consulting, customization, content mapping, training and implementation support.

We see that you are based in the US. Do you work with non-US-based clients and languages?

Yes. Quark is a global organization with customers in almost every country. Many of our existing clients are global organizations creating and publishing content in a range of languages, each supported by Quark’s distributed sales, service and support organizations.

What do your support services look like?

Quark offers a variety of support programs that fill most standard business needs, for example 5×8 during local business hours. Should special support requirements exist, Quark provides customized support plans to meet each client’s needs.

How many customers do you have?

Quark has hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe spanning a wide range of industries and applications. The company has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise software development, deployment and support.

How long has Quark been offering authoring solutions?

Quark has been developing software solutions for more than 30 years. While our early page layout software was itself used for authoring, Quark first started offering dedicated authoring solutions with QuarkCopyDesk in the early 90’s, introduced Quark XML Author in 2002 and now the first HTML5-based Smart Content authoring tool of its kind, Quark Author Web Edition. The common thread through all of these authoring tools has been creating structured content for reuse and automated publishing.

Do you work with partners?

Quark has an active partner community and has organized its relationships around strategy, technology, solutions and resellers. For more information on Quark’s partner program including how to become a partner, please see the Quark partner page on our website.

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