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Quark Author is a Web-based content creation software that, together with Quark Publishing Platform, enables business and IT leaders to streamline and automate high-value customer communications across every channel. The intuitive online authoring experience means subject matter experts – wherever they are – can rapidly create, preview, publish and reuse content. Lead your competitors, delight your customers. Quark Author – Smart Content for Smart Businesses.


Efficient Review and Publishing ProcessEfficient Review and Publishing Process

Email and PDF-based review and approval processes are hugely frustrating and inefficient. By directly connecting Smart Content to the multi-channel output, authors can see how their content will look and fit the final output without lengthy back and forth with a design and production team. When combined with Web-based review and approval and automated multi-channel publishing, organizations can benefit from up to 85% more efficient end-to-end publishing processes.

Shortened Time to ResultsShortened Time to Results

Quark Author is a ‘built-for-purpose’ authoring tool designed to provide subject matter experts with an authoring environment that’s efficient, intuitive and works the way they do. With built-in previews providing pixel-perfect renditions of how content will appear in each output channel, authors can create Smart Content in real-time without having to wait for designers to assemble their content into the final design.

Rapid DeploymentRapid Deployment

By removing the need for desktop application installation and management, Quark Author Web Edition is extremely easy for IT to deploy, update and maintain across an organization. As it’s built with native HTML5 code, Quark Author runs on any modern desktop browser without the need for plug-ins. The use of standard Web technologies ensures easy integration with existing business systems.

Rapid Content UpdatesRapid Content Updates

Content lifecycles can be extremely complex whether they are related to standard operating procedures, company policies, research opinions or even marketing copy. Keeping track of which content (text, images, charts, data) has been used where, in which locales and languages, and then making those content updates is usually a manual, error-prone and costly process. By creating and managing Smart Content, subject matter experts create content once that can be instantly updated in every document instance.

Streamline Compliance and Regulatory ControlStreamlined Compliance and Regulatory Control

In many industries and departments, ensuring the right version of content is used in the right documents is essential, and yet with traditional document-based workflows this can be extremely painful, manual and error prone. By creating Smart Content (also known as content components) that are tracked, versioned and permissioned independently by Quark Publishing Platform, users can be confident the correct legal text, declarations, marketing copy and data is being used and have a full audit trail of which content components have been used in each document and output channel.

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