App Publishing Software

Convert print publications to web and native iOS and Android apps

The name sums it up: Quark App Publishing Studio makes it possible to publish your content in web and native iOS and Android app formats with monetization, subscription management and analytics capabilities. Users of QuarkXPress can add Quark App Publishing Studio to efficiently publish, distribute, monetize and track interactive digital content with integrated analytics. This proven cloud-based software is used by independent publishers, media companies, medical journals, academic institutions and non-profits across the globe to extend their reach. Join them in realizing the powerful abilities to promote your brand, expand your audience, and increase your revenue without the hassle and overhead of custom app development.

Turn Readers Into Revenue

Automatically publish

your newspapers, magazines, journals, catalogs and more as branded iOS and Android apps.

Engage readers

with an array of interactive elements like 360-degree photos, videos, animations and more.

Monetize and distribute

your branded apps with paid subscriptions, advertising and sponsorships.

Track and analyze

subscriber engagement with integrated Google Analytics.

Benefits of Quark
App Publishing Studio

Quark App Publishing Studio makes it easy to extend and enrich print publications for digital audiences. It works with QuarkXPress to transform print layouts into HTML5 for rich, interactive and responsive publications packaged as branded apps that work across various tablets and other mobile devices. With Quark App Publishing Studio, you can:

  • Engage readers with interactive and responsive content that can be produced quickly and easily, usually in 25% less time than print versions.
  • Leverage the cloud environment for rapid implementation, without having to create an edition for every device or hiring additional technical resources.
  • Monetize your apps through paid subscriptions, e-commerce integration and advertising and sponsorships.
  • Track and analyze reader activities with integrated Google Analytics, to see page visits, time spent, most searched and shared topics, and more.
  • Improve content based on informed, data-driven decisions about how to create better digital experiences.
  • Use reader insights to deliver more relevant and attractive packages to advertisers and sponsors.

Quark App Publishing Studio Key Capabilities

Design Customization

Everything in your app can be customized to reflect and reinforce your branding, including your home icon, splash screen, store page, and promotional banners.


Add slideshows, videos, audio clips, animations, 360-degree photos, zoomable images, scroll zones, hyperlinks, hot buttons, and more to increase content engagement.

Responsive Design

Content scales, repositions and reflows regardless of browser or device.


View and test your app with the Quark App Publishing Studio Previewer before publishing it.

Faster Downloads

File size is up to five times smaller than a PDF approach, meaning faster downloads and a better reader experience.

Native Text

Unlike PDFs, text within your app is not part of an image so it can be copied and pasted and accessed by screen readers.

Text Search,
Bookmarking & Notes

Readers can search downloaded issues by term, partial term and multiple terms, plus bookmark pages and make notes.

Text Highlighting

Readers can save content they find most useful as selected text snippets to revisit them in the future.

Subscription Management

Set up free or paid subscriptions of your branded apps on the App Store and Google Play, plus manage discounts and release dates.


Let your readers know when new issues are available via push notifications, emails and social media shares.

Integration with e-Commerce Systems

Use our API to integrate your app with your e-commerce system to enable easy and enjoyable shopping experiences.


Use QuarkXPress to create interactive ads and even create ads directly in HTML5, plus allow your advertisers to upload their ads for your review and approval.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights on reader behavior from integrated Google Analytics to maximize your publication’s potential, including advertising packages for more click-throughs.

Publish Brilliant Content to Any Screen

Engage your audiences via multiple formats and channels while gaining a better understanding of digital interactions to improve the reader experience, grow subscriptions and earn more revenue. With Quark App Publishing Studio, you can automatically transform your print publications into fully interactive HTML5 for publishing as web or iOS and Android apps. It’s time to take your content off the shelf and extend its potential.