Quark Content Automation Platform

14.3 Release


Quark Content Automation 14.3 Release Notification

The 14.3 release of Quark’s Content Automation Platform introduces powerful new features across every module of the Platform. Read below for updates specific to Quark Publishing Platform, Quark Author, Quark XML Author and QuarkXPress Server. If you are curious to learn more about previous updates, check out our August 2018 Enterprise Release Update which includes the new, and highly anticipated, Smart Content Toolkit as well as the short cycle release from February 2019.

Auto Save & Revision History

History Pane The document history pane provides a simple graphical means for users to see the history of a document – showing which user has been working with a document for a version (or series of versions) and at what point in the workflow process the user has moved it forwards in the workflow by changing its status. Auto Save Revisions Quark Author now makes a periodical save as a minor version. A visual indicator is displayed in the document window, showing the user every time that the document is saved, providing a visual reassurance that the document has been successfully saved. The user can also see the list of recently saved versions (both manually saved, and automatically saved) in the document history pane, and, if required, can view or even revert to an earlier version of the content through the history pane. If minor versions are not configured for a Collection, or when the user is offline, Auto Save will save versions to the local Browser storage. Document Error Recovery With the introduction of Auto Save, document validation errors can now be detected within moments of their occurrence. These errors can now be reported back to your administrator via a simple user interface, and valid content can be recovered from an auto-saved version.

Copy Paste Enhancements

Block Element Pasting Enhancements When you paste a block element on the authoring canvas, such as an image with a heading or a caption, a list of all the images and tags associated with the element will automatically be captured and listed on the pane to the right of the canvas. Maintain Comments in Copy & Paste When users copy content that includes tracked comments, the comments will be retained when the content is pasted within the same document or in a new document. Copy & Paste Complex Figure Elements (bodydivs) Bodydiv copy and paste is now much easier and ensures you always copy the entire block of content and not just elements of the content. Simply click on the bodydiv figure and two icons will appear, one for cutting and one for pasting. You can then paste the bodydiv in its entirety either in the same document or a new one. Maintain Tracking in Copy & Paste When users copy and paste content that includes tracked changes, the tracked changes will be retained even when the track changes function is turned off. The changes are noted in the right hand “Changes Pane” along with the date and time of the changes. Maintain Word Footnotes in Copy & Paste Major time savings! When users copy and paste footnotes and endnotes from a Microsoft Word document, the footnotes and endnotes will appear correctly when pasted into the Quark Publishing Platform authoring environment.

More Intuitive Content Structuring


Add Section Before/After There are now two ways to add a new section to a document. Users can add a new section before and after an existing section from the Smart Document Tree simply by right clicking on the section and selecting where to add the new section. Or, right click on a section title in the canvas of the document to add a new section above.

Move Selected Content Under New Section Users can easily configure or reconfigure the hierarchy of sections within a document. Simply click a section or paragraph and select from options to move the content to a new section, a sub-section or the appendix.

Usability Improvements


Responsive Popups

Experience warnings, errors and notifications in the most appropriate way possible, according to the device you’re using, with responsive pop-ups.

Large Table Handling

The application periodically saves document content and saves it permanently as a version in Platform Server such that there is no risk of content loss and it is possible to continue editing documents from any other machine. Details of all versions for current document are be available in the ‘History’ pane where number, time and content of previous versions may be viewed.

Spell Check Dialog Enhancements The Check Spelling feature allows users to easily modify misspelled words or select a replacement from a list of suggested words.

SAML Support Quark Publishing Platform now supports authentication and single sign-on using any SAML 2.0 based Identity Provider, such as Azure Active Directory. What this means is that you can now sign in to Quark Publishing Platform using your familiar Office 365 sign in experience.

Infrastructure Upgrade: Highcharts Library Update

  • Upgraded Highcharts library, so that you may leverage new features added in latest version of Highcharts.
  • Upgraded Highcharts from PhantomJS to Node.js based export module. With this the Highcharts version is also updated from 5.0.14 to 7.1.1.

Publishing Enhancements Platform publishing framework allowed to parametrize outFileName property for XslTransform activity.

Improve Platform logging to log DTO Enhanced platform logging so that DTOs to be logged in JSON format in case of exceptions and trace level.

Upgrade libraries as per vulnerability scanning report Performed security scanning tests using vulnerability scanning tools for identifying potential security threats in third party libraries and updated them as applicable.

Copy/Paste from HTML pages Quark XML Author’s Smart Paste feature now supports copying and pasting from HTML pages opened in any web browser. Smart Paste is pre-configured to retain formatting and structure, including hyperlinks.

“Convert to” support in Navigation Pane The Navigation Pane now adds a new friendly context menu that lets you convert a Section of one type to any other Section type that is permitted at that level in the document’s structure.

Word 2019 support

Quark XML Author now also supports Microsoft Word 2019

Set Text Inset on all Sides of a Table Cell It’s now possible to specify separate insets for the top, left, bottom and right of each cell within a table. This means you are able to create much more elegant charts and table output because you can be very deliberate about the space that is set at the edge of a cell.