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The Connected Sales Enablement Platform

Docurated is the enterprise sales enablement platform that lets sales teams find, customize and share content — fast. Simultaneously, marketing is empowered to measure content usage and effectiveness to see how their work is driving revenue.

The unique DocuRank™ AI technology enables guided selling, recommending the most effective content for each prospect and selling scenario. Docurated connects to wherever your sales content is stored so customers can be up and running in a fraction of the time of competing solutions.

Higher win rates

Reduced sales cycle

Increased rep productivity

Content revenue attribution

Greater sales and marketing alignment

Reduced risk of using non-approved content


Percent of firms in which reps have 6+ locations in which to find external sales content


Percent of firms in which reps spend 20+ hours per month searching, editing, creating or managing content


Percent of firms that correlate sales wins with content utilized by sales to influence the buyer’s journey

Solution Highlights

Find, Customize and Share Content

Docurated is an enterprise sales enablement platform that helps reps find, customize and share content. Predictive searching gets sales reps to the most relevant content and then use filters to rapidly narrow down search results. Quickly curate and create new documents based on existing content and easily share content with prospects through live presentations or share links, while gaining valuable viewership analytics.

360-Degree Analytics

Much of the engagement around sales content happens outside of the sales enablement platform. Whereas other solutions typically only provide a partial view of content usage and engagement, Docurated goes much further. Not only is the content stored and accessed within Docurated tracked, but so is content engagement that happens outside of Docurated. For example, engagement through a sales rep’s email, on their desktops and in other source repositories such as SharePoint. By providing a holistic view of this data, marketing and sales leaders get the complete picture of sales content performance.

Guided Selling

Finding the most relevant and effective content can be a challenge for even the most experienced sales reps. In addition to rule-based guided selling, the unique DocuRank™ AI technology considers a range of factors — for example the impact of content on winning deals — to recommend the most effective content for each selling scenario such as opportunity stage, industry or persona of a prospect.

Embedded Salesforce Integration

An important part of sales productivity is to ensure sales reps can access everything they need in one place. So, in addition to Docurated Web and mobile applications, Docurated can also be accessed directly within Salesforce. Docurated is integrated directly into the Salesforce search bar, the most used feature of Salesforce and additionally, opportunity-based recommendations are delivered right within the opportunity view.

Measure Content Effectiveness and Revenue Contribution

Marketing teams invest significant resources in content development and yet various independent studies show that as much as 65% of marketing originated sales content goes unused! Proving content ROI is a critical part of justifying this expense. By connecting to CRM opportunity data and prospect engagement metrics, Docurated is able to attribute sales content directly to revenue, enabling marketing to better understand which content is performing and ultimately driving business success.

Plug and Play

Where as many sales enablement platforms require lengthy implementation processes, auditing of content, uploading content, inputting metadata and more, Docurated customers can be up and running in weeks, not months. Docurated can connect directly to existing content repositories, identify duplicate content, highlight the most recent versions of content and even infer content topics and other data directly from the current systems. All of this means a significantly reduced workload for the sales enablement team, immediate sales rep productivity improvements and rapid time to value.

Easy to Use

In head-to-head tests, sales reps consistently prefer Docurated due to its ease of use and simplicity, driving greater sales adoption and value. The user interface and content pages are easily customizable for different teams and roles, enabling marketers to drive sellers to the right content, fast.

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Feature Highlights

  • Intelligent Search
  • Content Analytics
  • Salesforce Support
  • Content Curation
  • Docurated Presenter
  • Share and Track
  • Customizable User Experience
  • Content Versioning
  • Integrations

Discover the full feature details in the Solution Guide

Download Solution Guide ›

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