Be flexible with non-destructive image editing

Complete your projects quickly and efficiently with QuarkXPress. Edit your images seamlessly within one workspace.


Utilize compelling image effects

Be imaginative with your images by experimenting with image effects and controls. Make your project stand out through visual communication to tell a story, creating engagement with your audience.


Integrate your Photoshop files into QuarkXPress

Simplify your workflow by managing Photoshop layers and channels directly in QuarkXPress. As a designer this empowers your creative freedom by using the best tools to produce your visions.


Import industry standard formats

Import and adjust a wide range of industry-standard image formats (PSD, PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG, TIFF) into native objects to manipulate the images. There are a range of file formats for everyone, providing efficient workflows and a better user experience.


Enhance your creativity with different blend modes

Use blend modes with any number of vectors and images, to help your content stand out. Have fun and experiment to make your designs more dynamic and appealing to achieve your desired results.


Reveal content with adaptive masking

Show only what you need to show using alpha channels and clipping paths. Engage your audience to pay attention to important and relevant information on your project.

Latest features and updates

Why Quark?

All in one place edit your images seamlessly, color correct images (in a non-destructive manner) or apply filters and effects.

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Prepaid Annual Subscription

Get an annual subscription of QuarkXPress giving you the software, with upgrades, updates and technical support, for as long as your subscription is active.

Perpetual License

Get creative freedom as our software is owned by you indefinitely, with all the work you create using it. This includes one year of our maintenance and support plan entitling you to upgrades, updates and technical support.

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