Explore the Quark Partner Ecosystem

With over 500 partners around the world, our ecosystem is an interconnected framework designed to help you scale your business in double time. You could choose to earn revenue through direct resales or increase market reach and expansion opportunities by aligning your consulting services. In the Quark partner ecosystem, the potential to mature your product and service portfolios is huge.
Learn how our:

  • Innovative solutions broaden your expertise and increase customer reach
  • Training resources upskill your team and accelerate your time to market
  • Introductions to our growing network can make an instant impact to your commercial strategy

When you become a Quark partner, our Partner Program provides numerous benefits that increase in line with your level of engagement with us. Plus, the Quark Partner Portal makes it easy to maintain a close, two-way working relationship and allow you to easily take advantage of our resources and support systems.

Do It All in Our Partner Portal

Ready-to-Go Marketing Campaigns

  • Use co-branded assets to personalize and repurpose to enhance your offerings
  • Utilize a built-in dashboard to monitor the level of engagement your prospects show with your campaigns

Sales Opportunity Management

  • Register deals with Quark and monitor upcoming renewals
  • Generate joint deals with Quark optionally to help your business scale fast

Content Repository and Certified Training

  • Access to the asset library as well as training materials to deepen your expertise and power your ecosystem-led growth
  • Receive certification from sales and technical training to attract customers and enhance your footprint

Our Diverse Partner Types – Which One Are You?


Partners who are primarily software resellers using a two-tier approach, where a distributor supplies software to several resellers who in turn provide the software to their end customers. As partner sales increase, so does the opportunity for greater margins. And the opportunity is there to expand into one of the other partner types.


Partners who integrate their own solutions – through software, consulting or using Quark APIs and SDKs – with Quark’s, to provide innovative and industry focused joint offerings or product extensions. There are four different partner types that sit under the Technology umbrella, which are Solution, Integration, System Integrator and Technology.


Partners who are industry and content domain specialists that align Quark solutions with real-world customer problems. They can be either referral or influencing partners or partners who provide Quark end user implementation or training services. The two types of partners under this umbrella are Consulting and Implementation.

How Some of Our Partners Benefit from Our Program

“Glemser Technologies is a leader in the life sciences industry, providing compliance IT solutions and services to global companies for improved product quality, regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies. Glemser’s, ComplianceAuthor™ Solutions, leverages QuarkXPress, Quark Publishing Platform and Quark XML Author to provide an automated end-to end solution for global labeling, test specifications, analytical procedures, and product specifications.”

“GPSL has been a full service Quark solutions partner for eight years. The Quark partnership program has enabled us to work together seamlessly to provide industry specific solutions and services for our clients and deliver outstanding customer experience and support.”

“4C Plus has been a Quark partner for nearly two decades and the partnership has been a win-win for both the organizations. The pre-release allows us to test our XTensions in advance so that our customers can upgrade to the latest version of QuarkXPress. We also receive prompt support and bug fixes. The online resources made available to us also help us building scalable and robust solutions for our customers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of key benefits in joining the Quark Partner Program. The first is free access to our digital marketing automation platform, where you can manage and deploy campaigns and take advantage of free marketing collateral that you can co-brand to maintain prospect and customer engagement.

Secondly, there’s access to support for your sales deals and opportunities. You can register deals and get help from Quark to close those deals without losing margin. This, aligned with the option of being able to sell all Quark offerings including Quark Docurated and Quark Publishing Platform NextGen, will allow for much bigger deal sizes and higher revenue.

Thirdly, you can take advantage of our content library with access to all Quark marketing materials and basic training for enterprise products.

And coming soon is our partner locator and marketplace, where visibility of partners and their associated offerings can be shared across the whole partner network, helping you build wider business relationships and profitable partnerships.
Our portal has extensive marketing and lead nurturing capabilities that help you engage with your prospects and manage your customer renewals, so you never miss a date or close opportunity. You can learn the distinct sales messaging for Quark enterprise products and register opportunities that Quark can help you close when you’re ready to engage with us.

The enterprise products, namely Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen and Quark Docurated, offer significantly bigger deal sizes and greater profit opportunities, albeit with a longer sales cycle. In the first instance, you don’t need to fully understand how to deploy the software as Quark will help, until your business becomes large enough that you wish to maintain your own dedicated staff.

For our development partners, the API for QPP NextGen offers a new development platform for integrations and extensions that can be built and sold separately, or potentially through other members of the partner ecosystem via the marketplace.
The portal has marketing collateral, which can be co-branded with your own company details, as well as white papers, videos, ebooks and case studies. Plus, there’s dedicated tutorials and training for your sales and presales teams.

When deals are registered, Quark can provide deep sales and presales support to help you close those deals. We understand that our enterprise products require a deeper sales approach, which is why Quark provides this service as part of our sales cost, educating you on how to position and sell these products with confidence.
A partner can register a deal in the portal from a minimum of USD 5K value and we will help you with those leads once you have registered them. Quark does not see any of your leads prior to registration, so you are free to work on those in private beforehand using the portal.
The onboarding process is tailored around a 30-, 60- and 90-day timeline to optimize your experience and help you become a partner as effortlessly as possible.

In the first 30 days, you will perform basic functions such as setting up your portal login and adding partner details and contact information. You will then take a guided tour of the portal and marketing tools with our team.

In the period up to 60 days, you can start implementing initial co-branded marketing campaigns, access training courses, register leads and understand about your campaign analytics.

As you move towards 90 days, you can target to complete campaigns and convert leads to deals to register with us. You can also plan to achieve sales and presales certification.