Turn the page on your project layouts

Explore how QuarkXPress page layout software can unleash your creativity and maximize your productivity.


Design layouts without toggling between programs

All-in one publishing means that you can be creative in one place – creating page layouts, adjusting images, and producing exquisite graphics. It is super user friendly and saves you time from jumping from one application to the other throughout the day.


Improve your workflow using expert style sheets

Using our powerful pre-built and custom style sheets can increase your productivity, creating content that is well-organized, consistent, and uniform. This can save a significant amount of time, especially when working on large or complex projects.


Easily convert InDesign and PDF files

Work seamlessly with QuarkXPress by converting different files at ease, importing long documents with up to 10,000 pages to IDML, INDD and PDFs formats. When migrating from other systems the brand themes (color, styles and formatting) will be taken across.


Synchronized text edits

Create text edits in one layout and watch them populate across all your synced assets. Rather than editing text manually across your project it can automatically be changed, create a wide variety of page layouts, from simple newsletters to complex magazines and catalogues.


Cross-media publishing in one file

Be flexible and versatile to produce multiple mediums such as print, online, tablet and mobile formats in many sizes and all within one file. Deliver your content across different channels to attract a larger target audience.

QuarkXPress 2024 Features

Why Quark?

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Prepaid Annual Subscription

Get an annual subscription of QuarkXPress giving you the software, with upgrades, updates and technical support, for as long as your subscription is active.

Perpetual License

Get creative freedom as our software is owned by you indefinitely, with all the work you create using it. This includes one year of our maintenance and support plan entitling you to upgrades, updates and technical support.

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