Automate Content Processes and Beyond, without Coding

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen helps your enterprise increase content collaboration and documentation automation. And with the Microsoft Power Automate integration, it’s possible to extend those content workflows further.

Almost any event inside QPP NextGen can be used to trigger an automated action. So when you create a new content component, when a document is updated with new metadata, or when content is deleted – all of these can trigger an automated action set by you.

It includes the most frequent events on your content such as create, update, delete, move location, checkout, delete and more, to support several key areas.

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Slack and more.
Project management
Microsoft Planner,, Trello and more.
Data integrations
Snowflake, Microsoft Fabric, Oracle and more.
Automate business processes
ServiceNow, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and more.

Let’s take a look at some of examples:

Send Notifications

Notify on Microsoft Teams or Slack when a document is updated or moves to a new workflow stage inside Quark Publishing Platform NextGen.

Create Tasks

Create and Assign a new task in your project management tool when content is assigned to an author or contributor.

Create Groups

Use Power Automate to create a new Microsoft Teams group that features all QPP NextGen users assigned to a document.

Share Content

Publish the final draft of a document to a Microsoft Teams group for stakeholders to review.

Track Status

Use Power Automate to update a Kanban board in real-time for content projects in Quark Publishing Platform NextGen.

These are just a handful of examples of what is possible using the QPP NextGen and Microsoft Power Automate triggers. You can choose how best to use it to help meet your content workflow and collaboration objectives.


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Microsoft Power Automate subscription

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