Technical Documentation

Connect QPP NextGen to Microsoft Office 365 for Seamless Asset and Workflow Integration

Quark Publishing Platform NextGen seamlessly integrates with everyday Microsoft Office 365 apps for centralizing assets, optimizing workflows, keeping control of versions and reusing content efficiently.

The integration creates a unified ecosystem to make content operations smooth and easy to manage, removing the potential barriers to non-compliance and releasing the pressure on publishing deadlines.

Upload and Update Charts, Tables and Slide Decks In Real Time

In Microsoft Excel, content teams can create charts, graphs and tables linked from their local machine and upload them to QPP NextGen for reuse across the entire content library.

In Microsoft PowerPoint they can collaborate on, reuse and create new presentations from existing slides, tables, charts, audios, videos and images.

Co-authoring is easy, as writers and content creators can securely check in and check out files to their local app as they work on them.

Upload and Update Charts
Refresh Microsoft Excel

Refresh Microsoft Excel Components Silently from Inside Your Own App

QPP NextGen’s Microsoft Excel integration visibly extends into the Ribbon at the top of the Excel interface, providing a simple Push Changes button for updating content in the CCMS repository.

The updates are delivered silently in the background, with no need for the content creator to log on to QPP NextGen. Customized automated workflows inform stakeholders that a new version is available to use.

Author Structured Content in Microsoft Word’s Low-Code, No-Code Interface

In Quark Publishing Platform NextGen, subject-matter experts and content writers can use their familiar Microsoft Word software to write reusable content components.

The writing experience is the same as it is for any other Word document, so they don’t have to worry about XML, schemas, taxonomies or learning how to use new authoring software. They just get on and write.

Author Structured Content
Preview How Content

Preview How Content Looks Across Different Channels from Inside Microsoft Word

QPP NextGen’s omnichannel publishing capabilities are immersed inside Microsoft Word.

Writers can see a rendered preview of exactly how their content will look for HTML, PDF, mobile app and more from inside their Word interface.

Convert Standard Microsoft Word Files into Structured, XML-Based Components

Content administrators and architects can easily convert .docx Word documents into modularized content using QPP NextGen.

This means old, semi-structured documents can be mapped and imported into new content models in bulk, ready for reuse across the CCMS repository, saving hours in reauthoring and technical effort.

Convert Standard Microsoft
Improve Collaboration

Improve Collaboration with Word and Web Authoring Options

QPP NextGen offers the freedom to work, collaborate and switch between Microsoft Word and Web browser authoring tools to maximize workflow productivity, offer choice of device and make the co-authoring experience seamless. 

Take Control of Your Content Lifecycle Management

Automate your publishing operations, including authoring, template design, component storage, review/approval and omnichannel publishing Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen.  Whatever your corporate or industry requirements, QPP provides cost-effective development of content components and supports their management, assembly and publishing to meet different needs for engaging, format-specific design and interactivity across a variety of channels.