Why Smart Content?

“High-value content” is Quark ‘speak’ for content you sell, content that helps you sell, or content that helps you run your business and/or safeguard compliance. This includes everything from Research Reports to Standard Operating Procedures.

Quark Smart Content brings all the advantages that technical content has benefitted from for years by using XML authoring and publishing, but to your high-value business documentation.

This ebook explains how Smart Content helps business users and knowledge workers rethink how they can create important business content today and benefit from easier content creation and reuse, rather than focussing on XML schemas and tagging.

Learn how Smart Content can help you lower the costs and efforts involved with creating your complex business content, simplify translation and regionalization, shorten the time to market, and publish consistently high-quality content in multiple formats like HTML, PDF and more. Plus, learn what documents Smart Content is not suitable for.

Who is this ebook for?

The ebook is for anyone responsible for or involved in creating, managing and publishing mission-critical documentation for different audiences, especially in complex enterprise environments.

What’s in the ebook

  • How We Got Here
  • What is Smart Content?
  • A Primer on Publishing Processes
  • The Cost of Smart Content
  • Who Else Uses XML for Documents Production?
  • What’s Wrong with XML
  • 13 Reasons to Adopt Smart Content