Information Services Provider Chooses Quark Publishing Platform for Automating Omnichannel Delivery of Market Research and Analysis to Clients

Information Services Provider Chooses Quark Publishing Platform for Automating Omnichannel Delivery of Market Research and Analysis to Clients


Information Services Provider



Use Case

Market Research & Analysis


United Kingdom


Customer Satisfaction


Easy-to-access, timely and omnichannel reports offer clients more value from the company’s analysis, leading to increased customer satisfaction

Migration to one end-to-end content automation platform enables the organization to engage its global client base with omnichannel content through a single online portal

Analysts spend more time authoring research as reusable content components in a familiar Word environment instead of wasting time formatting Word documents


This organization is the leading global source of critical market information and analytical insights in industries including aerospace, chemicals, energy, geopolitical risk, supply chain management and technology.


The organization has grown through acquisition to become one of the most globally recognized providers of market analysis. However, it left the company with dozens of solutions for content creation and management, creating a bottleneck for analysts, authors and designers to easily collaborate and deliver unified content to clients. The business needed to improve customer satisfaction through a single content platform that would allow customers to access industry coverage for all categories and research teams easily.


After reviewing several suppliers and undergoing proof of concept (POC) projects, their diverse stakeholder team selected Publishing Platform (QPP) with Quark XML Author as their end-to-end content automation platform for omnichannel publishing.

Data & Analytics Solutions

Post Trade Processing

Risk, Compliance & Reporting

Financial Technology Solutions

Economics & Country Risk

Investor Relations, ESG &
Corporate Governance Solutions

“Our migration to a single content automation platform is not about cost savings. It is about a better experience for our customers and better content, better products.”

– Vice President of Product Development & Delivery

“We went through a POC with an alternative solution against our key criteria but from a business and technical perspective, Quark came out ahead throughout the process,” said the Director of Business Analysis. “There was consensus among the team that Quark’s content automation platform satisfied both our business and technical requirements. The fact that Quark offered an end-to-end platform was a significant benefit over other solutions. There is less integration, less chance of failure and less complexity.”

The organization also demanded a secure, globally scalable platform that internal teams could program and code themselves. In the past, the team invested in content management systems that were too complicated to customize and maintain, so projects to consolidate legacy systems stalled.

“During our proof of concept with Quark it was important that our own team did the coding and programming, with support from the Quark engineering team. This was a major success for us and we became a partner of sorts with Quark, which benefited both our teams,” explained the Vice President of Product Development & Delivery.

Quark Publishing Platform now successfully helps the company streamline the creation, management, omnichannel publishing and delivery of businesscritical market reports and analysis to customers, partners and employees at the time and place where they engage the most.

In addition to providing a better experience to clients, research analysts around the world can now collaborate through Quark Publishing Platform to access verified research that can be reused in additional reports or combined with other research to create new research products. Clients have more research options and the company shares more content.

The most important ROI metric is customer satisfaction, which is being measured by use of and satisfaction with the organizations information products.

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