Quark Publishing Platform

15 Release

Quark Publishing Platform 15 Release Notification

The Quark Publishing Platform 15 release comes with new, powerful enhancements and usability improvements in areas of Microsoft Excel integration, Collaboration, Customization and Editing & Review capabilities.

This release also brings seamless integration with QuarkXPress 2019, along with the option to deploy the Platform server on Linux, as well as quality improvements and updates to included third party components.

Updates to the Modules of Quark’s
Enterprise Platform for Content Automation

Support for Linux

You can now deploy Quark Publishing Platform Server on Linux. Specifically, this release has been certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

Quark Platform is now powered by OpenJDK, instead of the earlier used Sun Java SE 8

Quark Publishing Platform Server now uses OpenJDK out-of-the-box. Specifically, this release ships with the Amazon Corretto 8 distribution of OpenJDK.

Integrates with QuarkXPress and QuarkXPress Server 2019

Support for QuarkXPress 2019 and QuarkXPress Server 2019 enables you to use the power of the Quark Publishing Platform Server to create digital designs.

Excel Integration Enhancements

Maintain Excel Table Formatting and Styles in Quark Author

You can now copy and paste charts and tables from Excel sheets to your workspace without losing any formatting and cell level styling, such as font, color, background and so on. Also, table cell styling is maintained within the media asset in an HTML-like format.

Intuitive Linking of Tabular Data and Charts from Excel to Quark Author

You can now copy and paste tabular data and charts from an Excel worksheet to a Smart Document in a single step.

This automatically links the source data to the Smart Document, which enables dynamic linking. Therefore, you can reflect the changes in the Smart Document with a single click.

Collaborative Authoring

Leverage Enhanced Component & Reference Management

You can now review component details and manage references with contextual icons in canvas itself. Components checked out and workflow status are reflected within canvas and updated automatically as they change.

For components ‘Pinned’ to a specific version, an icon indicates if an updated version is available and enables the user to update the reference to latest version of content.

A set of several utility icons are available for references and components. The indicators not only enhance usability of section components, but are also available for figures, and even tables, linked to Microsoft excel documents.

Customization Enhancements

Set Content Rules

Quark Author enforces rules to alert the user about content which is not, according to the policy, applicable on the type of document. Rules failure appear as ‘Error’ or ‘Warning’ in editor canvas and guides the user to fix the content.

All tracked changes, including edits of footnote and endnote text, are displayed in the ‘Changes’ pane along with comments. Here, an author may review the changes, reject them or make them permanent.

Option to set paragraphs as Mandatory, or Enforced

Configure certain paragraphs as mandatory within your content. Mandatory paragraphs cannot be deleted by general editing actions such as delete, backspace, cut, etc. A placeholder text may be optionally set for mandatory paragraphs, which is displayed even if all text in the paragraph is removed by user.

Configure Customized Date Formats

For displaying change tracking and comments details, Quark Author can be configured to use any of the several commonly used date formats. Various, pre-defined formats are available, one of which may be selected using a simple configuration.

Use CKEditor Widgets in Quark Author

Authors can now use CK Editor widget framework within canvas to render and pragmatically manage a custom set of content block called Bodydiv.

This enables better rendering using labels, action buttons, indicators and other custom HTML elements, along with content within Bodydiv. For editable blocks, Quark Author shall manage change tracking, comments and other standard features.

Editing & Review Enhancements

LChange Tracking for Footnotes and Endnotes

Quark Author 15.0 can now track changes to footnote and endnote text. Notes content is automatically tracked if change tracking is enabled for the document.

All tracked changes, including edits of footnote and endnote text, are displayed in the ‘Changes’ pane along with comments. Here an author may review the changes, reject them or make them permanent.

Support for Ask Queries in the Asset Browser

When using the Asset Browser from within Quark Author, users can now add keywords for their queries in a parameterized format.

Inline Editing in Read-Only Mode

In this release we have improved read only document usability by allowing inline editing of server references. Now, to make quick inline changes in the individual section of read-only document, the user does not need to open the entire document in editable mode.

Mandatory Attributes

In this release we have improved discoverability of mandatory or required attributes in Save dialog. Now all the mandatory or required attributes are shown with “*” prefix in the attribute form.

Option to Select All

In this release we have improved user interface for multi value domain attributes in Save Dialog. Now the user can select all domain values of a particular Domain Attribute with a single click, using the “Select All” check box.

Details of the Current Environment

Display helpful details related to the active connection to the Quark Publishing Platform server.

Flex Layout Templates

Create flex layout templates and define rules for Flex containers in QuarkXPress 2019 Design Environment, to produce Responsive HTML from QuarkXPress Server.

Define Table Styles in Template

Create and manage table styles in QuarkXPress 2019 to make working with unique tables designs even easier.

Other Announcements

  • Compatibility update: Platform XTensions for QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk features are now compatible with the latest version of QuarkXPress 2018.

  • Smart Content Toolkit update: An updated Smart Content XTension makes the new tools compatible with the latest versions of Quark Publishing Platform and QuarkXPress.

  • Platform Client update: Smart Content Designer is updated with the latest Platform Client.

  • Updates have been made to the 3rd party software list shipped with the software.

  • Older enterprise products are nearing their end of life for support, so please check our Knowledge Base and kick off your upgrade plan!