Connect your business and content systems for a single-source platform

Organizations today use many different systems, and your content workflows run smoothly and efficiently when QPP NextGen is integrated with them. You can automate and streamline your content lifecycle to reduce the complexity and manual effort for faster creation and consistent publishing of documentation.

Technical Documentation

Automate and integrate your content operations with REST APIs and SDKs

Quark Publishing Platform NextGen is the ultimate single-source solution when integrated with your other systems. Our REST APIs make it simple to connect to any solution such as SharePoint for synchronized content storage, Microsoft Office apps like Excel or PowerPoint to auto-populate data into your document templates, or Salesforce to keep the stakeholders up to date with the right content. The possibilities are limitless. Learn more about our Microsoft Integrations.

Quark is also designed with extensibility in mind. Our SDKs (Software Development Kit) allow you to add custom features and capabilities into the platform, so that it supports your content strategy requirements. Learn more about our SDKs and APIs .

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A unified content ecosystem saves time and resources

We offer connections that help improve the operational efficiency of your content lifecycle management. The most common connections include:

Branded, Design-Rich Templates
Analytics and
business intelligence

Get deeper insights into your content by integrating with your existing analytics engines, and even create reports on user engagement or production efficiency.
For example: Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI

Metadata & Taxonomy

Connect with data integration platforms, APIs, and spreadsheets enabling your content authors and experts to access up-to-date and real-time data to support their content with accurate and current information.
For example: Microsoft Fabric.

Structured,Componentized Authoring
Content quality and
writing tools

Ensure that your written content is engaging, readable, has a consistent tone and style, and is free of errors by connecting your existing content writing and quality apps.
For example: Grammarly, EndNote, DocuSign.

Content Storage & Assembly
Compliance and

Manage content compliance with industry regulations and policies, by integrating your compliance software with Quark’s content workflows. Identify any gaps and ensure changes are immediately updated to eliminate inconsistencies.
For example: LeanIX, Casewise.

Multi-Channel Previews
Project management and collaboration

Enhance your team’s collaboration and project tracking by linking your content to projects within your project management software. Easily view your contents status, exchange feedback, and get live updates.
For example: ServiceNow, Microsoft Teams, Slack.

Omnichannel Publishing
Digital process

Connect your existing 3rd party process automation apps and services that help automate eliminate manual tasks without the need for any coding or programming.
For example: Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, Integrately.

Version Control & Comparison
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Let CRM users find, customize and share content easily from inside the systems they already use. With QPP NextGen connected to your existing CRM you can even measure the effectiveness of different content assets and see recommended content for various scenarios.
For example: Salesforce.

Content Storage & Assembly
DAM (Digital Asset Management)

Publish content from QPP NextGen directly to your existing Digital Asset Management system or connect Quark Docurated for an enhanced user experience with powerful search and content recommendations.
For example: Box, Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive.

Multi-Channel Previews

Connect your existing translation management system to maintain a transparent and streamlined content translation workflow that’s more efficient, organized, and collaborative.
For example: RWS Trados, Lionsbridge.

Omnichannel Publishing

Integrate Quark with the industry-specific or point solutions that you already rely on, so you can reduce complexity and improve content operational efficiency.
For example: Veeva Systems, Qualio.

“Our migration to a single content automation platform is not about cost savings. It is about a better experience for our customers and better content, better products.”

– Vice President of Product Development & Delivery

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