Reflect your style and vision with a range of tools

You have the freedom to personalize every aspect of your project with QuarkXPress. Reinforce your brand identity using our advanced features to improve your workflow.


Modify with powerful vector tools

Create and modify complex graphics and illustrations with powerful vector tools like Bézier curves, edit nodes, free-hand drawings, and so much more. Use our tools all within one workspace area, to reflect your style and vision.


Be precise with advanced typography

Add precision or drama to your text with our extensive array of typographic tools. Using different texts ensures readability and accessibility providing excellent user experience and engagement.


Full pantone color libraries

Explore our free pantone color library which is included in QuarkXPress, our suite of color tools and palettes can help to attract your audience. Other software requires you to pay an extra $89.


Easy flexible layering

Make editing and selecting graphics a breeze with the layers palette. Layers allow you to organize and stack objects on a page, which can be very useful for creating complex designs.


Convert native graphics objects from other programs

Be productive and efficient by bulk importing documents from other programs, you can change document images into Quark objects which can be modified and updated, it is as simple as copy and paste.

Latest features and updates

Why Quark?

Integrated tools for refining graphics and illustrations and non-destructive photo editing.

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Prepaid Annual Subscription

Get an annual subscription of QuarkXPress giving you the software, with upgrades, updates and technical support, for as long as your subscription is active.

Perpetual License

Get creative freedom as our software is owned by you indefinitely, with all the work you create using it. This includes one year of our maintenance and support plan entitling you to upgrades, updates and technical support.

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