Common Types of Book Layouts

For book layouts there are two main categories of print and digital. Each category has its own common types of layouts that are best suited for the content and how the reader will experience the book.

Content Design

Print Book Layouts

Print book layout design goes beyond simple formatting. Create book layouts that are not only functional but ensure your message shines through in print. Below are some common types of print book layouts.

  • Standard Text-Heavy Layouts

  • Multi-Column Layouts

  • Magazine-Style Layouts

Content Design

Digital Book Layouts

With digital book layout design delve into the art of crafting layouts specifically for ebooks and digital publications. Below are some common types of digital book layouts.

  • Standard Flowing Text Layouts

  • Fixed Layouts

8 Impressive Design Tools for Books in QuarkXPress

Move beyond design limitations. QuarkXPress, the software that revolutionized making books, has been refined for over 40 years. It empowers you to design exceptional books in print and digital formats, effortlessly.


Automatic Page Numbering

Set up automatic page numbering with markers or text boxes that are linked to the master page in QuarkXPress. When creating your book, the page numbers are consistent and update automatically when you add or remove pages. 


Master Pages

Master pages are templates that can be applied to multiple pages. Elements such as headers, footers, navigation menus, and branding remain consistent across all pages. It helps you save time, updating the visual aspects of your book layout design.


Proofing and Corrections

With QuarkXPress use tools that help in the correction and proofing of text. Use the spell check and GREP find and replace features to get full accuracy and consistency across the text of the book.


Precise Typography Tools

Use baseline grids and guide tools to help precisely align the text and images in your book. Get a polished look and create a positive impression to your audience.


Import Latest Image Files

Import a variety of image files such as WebP, HEIF/HEIC. Visual elements such as images, logos, icons, and other visual elements enhance your book’s content.  


Illustration Tools

QuarkXPress provides illustration tools for creating custom graphics directly within the application. Draw shapes, lines, curves, apply colors, gradients, and effects to create unique illustrations that complement the book’s content. 


Interactive Elements

Add interactive elements to your book, such as hyperlinks, videos, audio clips, slideshows, and buttons. Use interactive features to enhance the reader’s experience and engagement within the book content.  


Export for Print or Digital

Once the book design is complete, QuarkXPress enables users to export the project for printing or digital distribution. Whether it is exporting high-resolution PDFs for print production or interactive e-books for digital platforms.  

Artistic Book Layout made in QuarkXPress

Made by Clint Hutzulak – Creative Director

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– Christian C

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