QuarkXPress Server 2019 - Known and Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues: QuarkXPress Server 2018 - September 2019 Update

Following is a list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress Server 2018 - September 2019 Update (14.3). Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all fixes in this version.

  • Resolved: Extra row added to table with rotated text in header with rowspan. (3274)

  • Resolved: Footnote numbering restarts with page sequence. (16543)

  • Resolved: PDF properties trimming issue for larger strings requested from QuarkXPress Server. (24179)

  • Resolved: Footnotes in inline tables are not rendered in correct order. (33718)

  • Resolved: EROS Cypress Table MERGE issue. (34168)

  • Resolved: Error #10073 - Either renderer could not process the request OR request timed-out. (39379)

  • Resolved: QuarkXPress Server hangs when specific tables go non-over-matter. (48806)

  • Resolved: Not able to add fonts in QuarkXPress Server 2018 using manage fonts option. (53367)

  • Resolved: Temporary files in AppData\Local\Temp folder drain disk space on QuarkXPress Server machine. (53461)

  • Resolved: Invalid INLINEBOX references on creating XML deconstruct. (53584)

  • Resolved: QuarkXPress Server production issue - mixed headers and footers for facing pages. (58521)

  • Resolved: Over-matter in table cells when frame is applied through the table style. (60565)

  • Resolved: Losing table row content. (60772)

  • Resolved: German language set on character stylesheets is overridden with English (US) in QXPDOC renditions. (61456)

  • Resolved: Footnote gets repeated on next page. (61470)

  • Resolved: Broken cross-ref errors should also be listed with errors on the first/last page. (87379)

  • Resolved: Unwanted space gets added before the section when footnotes are added. (52348)

  • Resolved: Paragraphs applied with column flow settings as overridden attributes appear overlapped on body text. (85930)