Getting Started with QuarkXPress Server 2019

Changes in this version

This section will cover the various changes introduced in the current version of QuarkXPress Server.

For details about all of these changes, see A Guide to QuarkXPress Server.

New for QuarkXPress Server 2019

Changes in version 15.1.2 included the following:

  • Flex Layout Templates: Create flex layout templates and define rules for Flex containers in QuarkXPress 2019 Design Environment to produce Responsive HTML from QuarkXPress Server.

  • Define Table Styles in Template: Create and manage table styles in QuarkXPress 2019 to make working with unique tables designs easier.

New for QuarkXPress Server 2018 - September 2019 Update

Changes in version 14.3 included the following:

  • INLINETABLES: Added the ability to specify multiple inset in a table cell.

  • Introduced the ability to specify measurement units in case of deconstruct xml. Provided UI in QXPS renderer preferences dialog.