Getting Started with QuarkXPress Server 2019

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For more information about using the QuarkXPress Server, you may need to reference the other QuarkXPress Server documentation/resources listed below.

Document/Item Name


Where to find

QuarkXPress Server User Guide

A guide written for the end user of the QuarkXPress Server. Contains all the QuarkXPress Server User Guide QXPS documentation, including documentation for QXPSM, and Modifier schema. This guide also contains all the information which previously was contained in the Web Integration Guide.


This is the C/C++ XTensions Developer Kit. It is comprised of XTension Headers, libraries and documentation.

Once installed, SDK is available at: [installed directory]/Documents/SDK

QXPSM Javadocs

This set of Javadocs provides information about the QuarkXPress Server Manager java interface. This documentation is available with the QuarkXPress Server Manager installer.

Once installed, Javadocs are available from the home page of QuarkXPress Server Manager:  http://<servernameorip>:8090/