QuarkXPress 2021 Known and Resolved Issues 

Resolved issues: QuarkXPress 2021 (v17.0.1)

Following is a list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 2021 (v17.0.1).

  • RESOLVED: QuarkXPress crashes on launching if Advantage Plan Maintenance End Date is within 60 days (221953, since v2020)

  • RESOLVED: Activation Dialog is shown on launching QuarkXPress after crash (214603, since v2020)

  • RESOLVED: iBooks issue: Applied Bullet and Numbers formatting in Reflow ePub is not changed as per changed Gray or Night themes (198162, since v2019)

  • RESOLVED: Image 360/Scroll Zone/Pop Up interactivities are showing at 0,0 in HTML5 Publication output in case if their name start with special characters (210568, since v2021)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows onlyUnable to search all instances of each of the applied fonts using Show First/ Show Next options in Usage dialog (210950, since v2020)

  • RESOLVED: Crash on replacing font through Usage dialog after the font occurrences has been searched using Show First/ Show Next option (187973, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows onlyCallout linking indicator is not displayed on associating a callout with a callout anchor if No Style Callout style is applied (215030, v2020)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows onlyCallout positioning is not automatically calced on modifying the Callout Style settings (211197, since v10)

  • RESOLVED: Layer palette does not update on deleting object entry and which leads to crash if user click on the instance of deleted image box entry in the layers palette (212750, since v2021)

  • RESOLVED: Layer property gets changed while using the duplicate option on multi-selected objects placed on two different layers (215908, v2021)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows onlyQuarkXPress projects are asking for save changes even there is nothing added in the project. (198432, v16.3.3)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows onlyBorder styles & names are displaying mismatched in the border tab of the measurement palette if screen resolution is more than 125% & above on Windows  (207629, since v16.3.3)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows onlyStyle menu shortcuts are not working on UK English OS (207629, since v2020)

  • RESOLVED: Continued Header value gets override while auto resizing other rows (215172, since v2019)