QuarkXPress 2020 Known and Resolved Issues 

Resolved issues: QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.3.4)

Following is a list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.3.4).

  • RESOLVED:  Error on validating Reflow ePub (Error while parsing file: element "tr" incomplete; expected element "td" or "th") (186430, since v2019). 

  • RESOLVED:  Unit conversion in "Item Find and Change" dialog box not working (198011, since v2017). 

  • RESOLVED:  iBooks: Applied Bullet and Numbers formatting in Reflow ePub is not changed as per changed Gray or Night themes (198162, since v2018). 

  • RESOLVED:  Thumbnail is not aligned to actual video in Preview in case if box size is less than 100px (204647, since v2019). 

  • RESOLVED:  QuarkXPress Registration dialog pops up even if the user has already registered (206164, since v16.3). 

  • RESOLVED: Incorrect alert "QuarkXPress has been damaged" is showing on launching QuarkXPress after replacing copy pasted Nalp folder (206732, since v2020). 

  • RESOLVED:  Unable to search Hindi words having a leading space at start of the word and the word ends with a syllable (207055, since v2018). 

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only) Border styles & names are displaying mismatched in the border tab of the measurement palette if screen resolution is more than 125% & above (207629, since v16.3). 

  • RESOLVED:  QuarkXPress crashes on inserting header rows in non-breakable un-anchored table (208686, since v2020). 

  • RESOLVED:  Type styles are not reverted on importing XPress Tags file if they are followed by same tags (209275, since v2017). 

  • RESOLVED:  Paragraph style sheet incorrectly appears overridden in specific documents; Local formatting tool tip appears blank. (210929, since v2019). 

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only) Unable to search all instances of each of the applied fonts using Show First/ Show Next options in Usage dialog (210950, since v2020). 

  • RESOLVED:  (Windows only) Callout positioning is not automatically calced on modifying the Callout Style settings (211197, since v10x). 

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only) Style menu shortcuts are not working on UK English OS (212800, since v2020). 

  • RESOLVED:  (Mac Catalina 10.5.7 only) QuarkXPress crashes on replacing existing files (211669). 

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only) Text and boxes are not visible after applying text angle in any box/  or if text boxes have vertical story, big black boxes are displayed on the layout (202309, since v16.2). 

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only) Project gets corrupted and all objects on layout gets disappear while selecting or moving the objects when project contains text skew applied text (208721, since v2020). 

  • RESOLVED: Unable to create PDF for specific documents (font specific) (209651, since v2019).