QuarkXPress 2020 Known and Resolved Issues 

Resolved issues: QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.0)

Following is a list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.0).  Note that the following is not an exhaustive list of all fixes in this version.

  • RESOLVED: List items in Shared Content Palette should be sorted in alphabetical order. (4730, since v2015)

  • RESOLVED: Unable to play YouTube/Vimeo Videos in the Fixed ePubs. (5462, since v2015)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only): Minimized projects get hidden behind the measurement palette. (6316, since v2015)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only): The name and icon of the project are not displayed properly in the title bar of a minimized project. (27951, since v2016)

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only): An error pops up on running the Apple script while getting Character Styles and it is unable to read out Style with Text. (34914, since v2016)

  • RESOLVED: Should be able to specify the indent level for selected Outline numbering style in the paragraph style sheet and be able to restart numbering after a defined level or style. (52166, since v9)

  • RESOLVED: Source paragraph style formatting is lost and it reverts to Normal style, on the copy-pasting text in table cell if AutoFit Row is checked, or on resizing linked cells, adding or removing rows, etc. (86679, since v2019)

  • RESOLVED: Frame and grid corners are not drawn correctly on applying a different border to the merged cells in a row. (87955, since v 2019)

  • RESOLVED: A small line is visible in a QuarkXPress outputted PDF having heterogeneous borders while viewing in the PDF Element app.  (100554, since v2019)

  • RESOLVED: The dotted frame applied to the Bezier curve is not drawn properly. (101915, since v9)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only): Shortcut for Indent Here does not work in the Italian language. (104607, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: PDF export fails if the installed font folder count exceeds 1400. (109554, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: PostScript Error is displayed for specific PDFs during PDF output with native transparency setting. (117162, since v2019 - 15.0.1)

  • RESOLVED: Spaces are not displayed words in Reflow ePub if a different attribute is applied to the space character. (118003, since v2017)

  • RESOLVED: Unable to convert mouse pointer into a hand shape navigation tool if 'Open file' or 'Show Pop Up action is defined for Button interactivity. (120627, since v2017)

  • RESOLVED: Hyperlink gets applied to the entire page on outputting projects having the hyperlinks with underscore or hyphen characters. (126664, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: The word next to the hyperlink placed in a Flex Layout jumps to a new line on exporting as an HTML5 Publication. (127969, since v2019)

  • RESOLVED: Allow minimum font size to be 1 pt. in QuarkXPress. (128628, since v4)

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only): QuarkXPress crashes during text hyphenation after copying pasting long text string in Italian text language. (134212, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: Height of Table row becomes smaller after the deletion of composite tables. (137905, since v2019)

  • RESOLVED: QuarkXPress application hangs on restarting numbering from 0 if applied numbering style has any of the two numbering formats: *,†,‡,§ and *,**,***,****. (139569, since v2016)

  • RESOLVED(Windows only): .PFM fonts are not collected for Type1 fonts while performing Collect for Output. (120537, since v2018)