QuarkXPress 2020 Known and Resolved Issues 

Resolved issues: QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.3.2)

Following is a list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.3.2).

  • RESOLVED:  Blend mode applied copy pasted/static image was showing in output without blend mode (178816, since v2017).

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only) Some fonts from Berkeley Font Family are outputting with incorrect font in Non-PS Printing. (179201, since v2017)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only) Could not create PDF with Book palette in some specific scenarios(182472, since v2018).

  • RESOLVED: Drop shadow applied to picture boxes is rendering as blank in some specific scenarios (186178 since v2017).

  • RESOLVED: Go to Page Hyperlinks are not working on Duplicating Page and Hyperlinks are duplicated in Palette (186198, since v2017).

  • RESOLVED: QuarkXPress crashes if user copy/paste CZ in IDML converted QXP project. (186201, since v2017).

  • RESOLVED: Tabbed text is not aligned properly in case of right tabs and left tabs with negative R Char justification settings applied on opening QuarkXPress project created in version higher than 2015 (186296, since v2016).

  • RESOLVED: Entire text is not displayed in case if ‘Include Footnotes option’ is checked while importing specific customer word file (186650, since 2020).

  • RESOLVED: Layout page doesn’t get scrolled and current page is not in view if user tries to navigate through tracked changes using the Next arrow key (186981, since v10x).

  • RESOLVED: No alert show when user was trying to Associate any tagged component as Callout Anchor (187118, since v2015).

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only) Callout Association line is not appearing on Layout after associating any item as Callout anchor (187121, since v2020, 16.2).

  • RESOLVED: Anchor Deleted from Hyperlink palette is not removed from Layout and it is still listed in New Hyperlink Dialog (188271, since v2015).

  • RESOLVED: Following issues noticed while modifying tables in specific customer documents (188323, since v2019).

    • Extra row depth is introduced while Inserting Table break in table.

    • Unable to re-size table rows by dragging the row height manually.

    • Row height value entered manually in the measurement palette doesn't honor the value.

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only) QuarkXPress crashes during file Save As on customer machine with different documents. (190052, since v2020).

  • RESOLVED: IDML document does not open if IDML document contains Hebrew text (196066, since v2017).