QuarkXPress 2020 Known and Resolved Issues 

Resolved issues: QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.3.3)

Following is a list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.3.3).

  • RESOLVED:  Greyscale compression gets applied to 1 Bit image when None color applied to it's Picture Background color, resulting in image outputted as blurry in Native path (4668, since v7x). 

  • RESOLVED: Taking lot of time to export as Reflow ePub for Projects with Anchors (196060, since v2019).

  • RESOLVED: Applied Paragraph style sheet incorrectly appears overridden and displays Space Between as an overridden attribute on copy pasting text from a project created in version prior to 2019 to a project created in version 2019 and higher (199092, since v2019).

  • RESOLVED: Unable to create PDF alert get displayed on outputting project having Avant Garde (199324, since v16.3.1).

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only) Unable to Create PDF alert get displayed on outputting Folio and Bauhaus TT Font family (186296, since v16.2).

  • RESOLVED: Incorrect font styling get applied on importing XPress Tags files having <f> and <f$> tags and both font family and Font style gets reverted to current style sheet font family and font style if <f$> tag is encountered (187121, since v2019).

  • RESOLVED: Unable to created PDF alert getting displayed on outputting a project having Helvetica Neue font family type faces. (203802, since v2020).

  • RESOLVED:  Many other stability issues.