QuarkXPress 2020 Known and Resolved Issues 

Resolved issues: QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.3)

Following is a list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.3). Note that the following is not an exhaustive list of all fixes in this version.

  • RESOLVED: To provide support to save proxy settings, so that QuarkXPress product activation can work in a proxy environment where Nalpeiron fails to detect the proxy environment. (180178, since v2020 16.1)

  • RESOLVED: QuarkXPress does not launch if the username contains accented or diacritical characters. (183336, since v2020 16.2)

  • RESOLVED: Row height for all rows in a table get changed if table break is applied and continued header property is defined as First Header Row. (180029, since v2019)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only): Zero opacity for None color background does not work if Opaque Text box Editing is turned on. (172187, since v2019)

  • RESOLVED: Unused colors get added in the color palette while importing a RTF file. (157870, since v10)

  • RESOLVED: A solid soft mask is applied to all the images in an exported PDF, if the PDF image cropped by a picture box or by the page, which results in pre-flight errors in Acrobat. (166054, v2017)

  • RESOLVED: On outputting a 1-Bit image with None color as PDF, it gets converted to 8-Bit. (167933, since v2015)

  • RESOLVED: Vertical shadow gets pasted as horizontal on copy and pasting a vertical line having drop shadow. (169701, since v8)

  • RESOLVED: Static images that have been copy-pasted from MS Word application gets scaled and flipped in flattened output. (102882, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: CMYK colors in the vector EPS/PDF or CMYK raster images are not color managed in Grayscale 100K output setup in native output. (147558, since v2015)

  • RESOLVED: Text Shading having opacity applied to the text in a text box does not output in flattening mode. (4974, since v2017)

  • RESOLVED: 1-Bit images colorized with custom color, None color applied to picture background in QuarkXPress created PDF files is rendered as a solid color patch when Grayscale images are down sampled under compression during output. (105069, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: Incorrect Print preview is displayed for facing page projects having default spread size. (114773, since v10)

  • RESOLVED: Font style is not honored while importing XPress Tags files created in version 2017 or earlier. (181406, v2018)

  • RESOLVED: Text Shading Style having border should display bottom and top border lines for continuous paragraphs have same text shading style when text flows across columns. (160743, v2017)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only): Unable to insert special characters and symbols by holding down AltGr key in European language IMEs/ keyboards. (158903, since v2020 16.0)

  • RESOLVED: Words with apostrophe are not flagged as suspect words if they are added in the auxiliary dictionary or are already in the spell check dictionary. (160192, since v9)

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only): Mouse cursor does not change to Pan tool even when the cursor is outside the Find/ Change palette while holding down the Option key if the focus is within the text field of the palette. (143092, since v10)

  • RESOLVED: Text reflows if a split column paragraph starts with a column break character, then on performing operations like moving the text box/ resizing the text box/ saving and reopening project, space is created between the split column paragraph and the previous paragraph. (180562, since v2017)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only): Tile Vertically stops working after maximizing one project and selecting the second project from Windows menu. (173411, since v2019)

  • RESOLVED: Center aligned text in the Design Blocks are displayed as left aligned in HTML Output. (170258, since v2020 16.1)

  • RESOLVED: Cursor moves incorrectly in the reverse direction while typing in flipped text boxes in digital layouts. (171949, since v2017)

  • RESOLVED: Go to Page interactivity does not work correctly in a Fixed ePub if the interactivity is applied in any referenced layout. (163012, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: Facing Pages option is disabled while duplicating a Print to Print layout, a Digital to Print layout and enabled while duplicating a Digital to Digital layout, a Print to Digital layout. (6116, since v2017)

  • RESOLVED: White lines appear around the image in a Reflow ePub while viewing it in iBooks application with Dark Appearance. (176403, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: Layout items in a composition zone appear truncated on generating PDF output with native transparency settings. (184656, since v2020)