QuarkXPress 2020 Known and Resolved Issues 

Known issues as of QuarkXPress 2020

Following is a list of known issues in QuarkXPress 2020.

  • Performance issues with Flex page Builder Palette first time after launching the application. (135599)

  • QuarkXPress application crashes on the re-applying master page in a Flex Layout. (136064)

  • Tables having Grids with 0% opacity are outputted incorrectly. (140460)

  • The same shortcut keys are assigned to two commands due to which one of them does not work. (133671)

  • The progress bar is not displayed on duplicating pages in a heavy document. (126779)

  • Custom page dimensions are reset to default on removing their respective master page. (130276)

  • Page/content shift to the left side in a Non-PS output while printing variable pages with page flip and fit in print area settings. (138271)

  • Page insertion/duplication does not work when the spread width is wider or the number of pages is more. (141036)

  • Pages get overlapped and the gap gets created on inserting the pages in non-rippling cases. (141081)

  • Be able to load Fonts from the application font folder using an alias/symbolic link to a font folder placed at a different location. (128477)

  • Be able to handle the activation/ deactivation of document fonts and application fonts when the document is in open and while the application is in session. (128485)

  • On exporting a PDF with referenced fonts, document fonts are replaced with courier font which is embedded in the PDF. (139319)

  • (Mac OS Big Sur): White lines appear over the objects on applying Composite CMYK soft proof when Blending Mode applied objects are present on layout. (175419, v2020 16.2)

  • (Mac OS Big Sur): Palettes get hidden if the user switches focus to any other application while launching QuarkXPress application. (176952, v2020 16.2)

  • (Mac only): During layout panning whenever a new area with high-resolution images is rendered, there is a delay compared to text and other objects panning. (171334, v2020 16.2)

  • (Mac only): There are redraw issues while zooming the layout having clipping applied images. (170448)

  • (Windows only): QuarkXPress Business 16.x updates are not visible via Auto Update to QuarkXPress Business users. (173600)